Volume 1: Issue 1
July/August 1996

Same-Sex Marriage

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Cover Story: Same-Sex Marriage:

Same Sex Marriage -- The Unholy Battle Over Matrimony
By: Candace L. Chellew

There are names synonymous with the struggle for gay and lesbian civil rights: Stonewall, Bowers v. Hardwick, Baehr vs. Lewin.

Marriage: For Love or Money?
By: Rev. Paul Turner

While I value the things that my mind has helped me to discover a great deal, I could not have done any of it without faith in God. I see the things that I have been able to work out by studying the knowledge others have shared, by using the mind and reason and ability to learn that God gave me. Most of all I see things by having faith in the belief I feel Jesus was really teaching, that God is within all of us and that all of us are a part of God.

Blessing Same-Sex Marriage For The "Right" Reasons
A Baptist Minister Ponders The Question of Same-Sex Marriage

By: Rev. Timothy Shirley

I think often about myself and my position in the church. I think about what a great place that church is for a gay person to be. What great people those people were for a gay person to know. My mind loved that church. Don't get me wrong, my heart did too. I loved the choir, the organist, the bells at Christmas, the trumpet at Easter, the "Why hast thou forsaken me" on Maundy Thursday. My heart loved the music as much as my mind loved the gay. But whereas my mind could appreciate the music, my heart was uncomfortable with the gay.

Same-Sex Marriage: A Return To Tradition
By: Candace L. Chellew

For thousands of years contemplatives, as well as ordinary folk, have used labyrinths to release both internal and external interruptions from their minds, and to fix their focus on God. Each time I have walked a labyrinth I have found it a profound spiritual experience - one almost beyond expression in mere words.

A Change of Heart on Tying The Knot
By: R.G. Wade, PhD.

Can I be in harmony being gay and married to a member of the opposite sex? This is an interesting question. I am sure there is no "textbook" answer for this question.

Marriage: The Ultimate Perk
By: Patricia Nell Warren

Can I be in harmony being gay and married to a member of the opposite sex? This is an interesting question. I am sure there is no "textbook" answer for this question.

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Get The Word Out! Books Worth Reading
By Florine DeVeer

Despite the United Methodist Church's restrictive policies regarding homosexuality, many gays and lesbians remain in the denomination because they feel accepted at their local churches.

The Atlanta Interfaith AIDS Network
Addressing AIDS From a Faith Perspective

By: Rev. Bob Hudack

Although it is highly unlikely that the new archbishop of Canterbury will be martyred, like some of his more famous predecessors, the road to the office as head of the Church of England and the worldwide Anglican Communion has been filled with some pernicious potholes for Rowan Williams.

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