Authors: A - D

The Rev. Patricia Ackerman

Our Obligation to LGBT Ugandans
Elizabeth Adams

Excerpt from the book Going to Heaven:
The Life and Election of Bishop Gene Robinson

Karen E. Allen
A Very Small Rudder
Parker Allen
True Freedom

Death and New Life

Becky Allison
The Way Out
Dennis Anderson

Love In Action: One Ex-Ex-Gay's Story

Raymont Anderson
Peace:Dreaming an impossible Dream?
Sara Anderson
Petitioning God: How to Get Your Prayers Answered
Shane Anderson
Gay, Christian and Proud
Coming Out and Coming Home
Anthony Andrews
Being Single, Christian and Content
Dominica Applegate
Where is Your God?

Why Can't I Be Me?

Growing in God When Facing Judgment

Lonely Reflection

John Aravosis
What Can You Do?
Rev. Deana M. Armstrong
Caring for the Family
Jenny Rae Armstrong
The Emerging Evangelicals
Talitha Arnold
True Grit
Their God Is Not with Us

Give Thanks for the Trials

Randy Ash
The AIDS Quilt: Celebration of Life
Kate August

The Universal Homospirituality

Presbyterians in Transition:
From Amendment B to Amendment B-plus

Lee Badget
Study: Allowing same-sex marriage would save federal government
nearly $ 1 billion per year
Rev. Steven Baines
Articles of Faith:
Religious right's moral failures a result of repressive religion
Carolyn Baker, Ph.D.
Introduction to Coming Out of Fundamentalist Christianity
Sonia Balcer
Seeking the Life Hid with Christ in God
Chris Balcher
Faith: God Moves in Mysterious Ways

Dear God, Please Forgive Me for Not Being Gay
An Open Letter to God

Great Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Who Says I Sin?

Francie Baltazar-Schwartz
Attitude Is Everything
Larry Bandfield
One Man's Pilgrimage
Jason Barkley
What I Learned from Ms. Celie's Blues
Ean Barnard
Called To Love and Forgive
Barbra Barnett
Public Wrongs and Rites
Karen Barr
What is Required to Live?
Jill Bateman
A Strange Anger
Bettye Winston Baye
Facing One's Own Anti-Gay Bias
Catherine Beckman
Dear Dr. Dobson
Mark T. Beedy
Rooted in Prayer
Ron Belgau
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A Story
Brian Bennett
Puppet Stranger

No compromise

Russell L. Bennett
Meeting Jesus Again

The Celestine Vision

When I am Still, I Hear the Quiet Voice

When God Loves the World

Dr. Larry Bethune
Living Inside Out

The Injustice of Grace

Do You Know Me?

Snake Bit

Dottie Berry
The Jabez Paradox: Shrinking the Territory

Into the Lion's Den

Coming Home

Eric Bicknell
God is My Refuge

Hope For The Homophobe

Take Your Faith Out of the Closet! 10 Methods of Spiritual Self Defense

Seven Steps to Reclaiming the Name of "Christian"

A New Creation, Make It So!

He's Still There

Cloud of Witnesses

Nathan Bierma
Rev. Dr. Jim Bilbrey, Ph.D., D.D.
There Is Hope for the Homophobe!
Jeremy Biles
The Politics of Wounding
Jenne Blade
Rescuing Sex From Fundamentalism
Dr. Ralph Blair
The Real Changes Taking Place: The Changing Definitions of "Cure"

The Bible Is An Empty Closet

John Blake
Gay Christians Have Online Magazine
Colin Blanchard
Love Your Neighbour!

A Victory Over Intolerance

Love and Be Loved!

Linda Bloom
Stroud to file appeal of church trial decision

United Methodist Pastor Speaks of Transgender Experience

Warren J. Blumenfeld
The Media, Suicide, and Homophobia

Can We Forgive YOU over "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

The Church of Latter-day Saints: Heterosexism, Racism, and Revelation

Marriage Equality: National versus States Rights -DONE

"Doublespeak": Right-Wing Politics & Theocracy

Jesus Gives Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Pass

Let No One Put Asunder

Conservative Christians Play "Victim" Card

Boy Scouts Demand Moral and Sexual Straightness

Child Abuse in the Name of God

Darlene Bogle
Leaving Exodus
George Bourne
Living as a Whosoever
Rev. Vera Bourne
Flexing Our Spiritual Muscles

Stories of Faith

The Power of Prayer: God at the Coalface

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Faith: A Matter of Survival

Love That Offends

Love and the Lepers

Forgiveness: The Visible Outpouring Of Unconditional Love

Renewing Our Strength

Two Christmas Stories

I Have a Plan For You

Our Contribution to Suffering

The Free Gift of Grace


Who's To Blame?

In Fear and Trembling

Falling in Love Again

A Pearl Without Price

Sharing Our Blessings

And Lo, A Star Shone In The East

Source Of Love And Healing

Loving and Sinning

An Unfinished Melody

A Star at Chanukah‚ Star of Light

From the Centre of the Labyrinth to the Heart of God

Loving and Living as God's Beloved

Chosen and Loved

A Table Spread

Shifting and Assuming Responsibility

New Wine in New Wineskins

Just for Today - A Christmas Wish

In Pursuit of Holiness

Where Are You Going?

One Word for the Whole World

Beyond Fear: In the Arms of Faith

To Speak or To Be Silent

With No Thought for the Future

Can You Hear It?

Food by the Wayside

The Rainbow People

William Bouton
Beyond Belief: "Light & Life to All Who Live"
Adam Bourret

Rediscovering God

Mark Bowman
Let's Get Our History Out of the Closet!
Kim Boykin
Anne Goes Searching For God:
A Story About the Peculiar Journey of Spiritual Practice

An Angry and Desperate Prayer to a God I'm Not at All Sure I Even Believe In

Jennifer Finney Boylan
"I Want It To Go On Forever"
On Grace, Love, and Transition
Perry Brass

African Hate Words and What They Really Mean
David W. T. Brattston
The Early Church and Gays
Rick Brentlinger
When You’re Cryin’
John Temple Bristow
Why Christian? One Book Gives Some Insight
Thom Britton
Love the Sinner, Period

A Warm Place in the Sun

John Bronson
Why Christian? One Book Gives Some Insight
Christopher Brown
Faith and Confusion

Rev. Lea Brown

Churches That Won't Bury Gays?
Let's Hold a Funeral For Misguided Principles
Walter Brueggemann
Message of inclusion not just 'disputed' - it's 'urgent'
Donna Brooks
Back From The Dead: One Gay Christian's Journey
Royce Buehler
A Defense Theory: An Analysis of Six Critical Texts Used To Condemn Homosexuality
Nichole Letitia Byrom
A Simple Faith

One Little Drop

Dale Caine
Fearlessly Entering the Void of Christ
Rev. Gilbert Caldwell
Deja vu All Over Again

What Would Martin Do?

Mark Calkins
Standing Firm
Stephen R. Caldwell
Jesus: Icon or Iconoclast?
John H.Campbell
When Hope is Hard to Find

Faith Does Not Demand Miracles, But Often Accomplishes Them

Where There is Love

Seventy Times Seven

Mysterious, Wonderful Ways

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Second Coming: A Poem

Beyond Definition

I Am With You Always

Not "If", but "When"

Doubly Blessed

What Would Jesus Do?

You Can Have It Both Ways

My Least Favorite Four Letter Word

By Our Fruits

The Light of the World

Playing God

What Reward Have You?

By Our Love

Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Faith in What Cannot Be Seen

Beyond Tolerance

The One Thing We All share

The Value of Compassion

Gratuitous Gratitude (or, Actions Speak Louder Than Prayers)

Conflict Resolution

Great Expectations

Love, With No Questions Asked

Let it Begin with Me

On Target

The Best Medicine


Common Ground, Holy Ground

Through A Glass Darkly

Loving Without boundaries

Divine Inspiration

Cultivating Awareness

I Can See Clearly Now

In Perfect Harmony

The Words In Red

When Faith Becomes a Verb

A Work In Progress

God Is

The Gifts We Remember Most

A Beautiful Vision

Mustard Seeds

My Cup Runneth Over

Growing Pains

A City On A Hill

Season of Hope

What Remains?

The God That Failed Me

After the Storm

Pennies from Heaven

First Things First

In A Perfect World

Let There Be Light

Reason For Celebration

Three Little Words

Cleaning House

The Road Less Taken

Rock Solid

Breaking the Chains

Momentary Lapses of Reason

Speak Your Peace

Living Your Gratitude:
Sharing the (Spiritual) Wealth

The Opportunity To Shine

Consider The Source

There's No Time Like the Present

Without a Doubt

Honest to God

Honest to God

O Light Divine

Seek Ye First

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

Be Still and Know

Just Go With It

Rise and Shine

One Day at a Time

Making All Things New

Breath Deeply

One In The Spirit

Maggie Canaday
Gifts of Hope
Justin R. Cannon
Out of the Shadows
Melissa Capers
To Be - or Not?

Oh We of Little Faith

Clean Hearts, Spare Time, and other Advent Considerations

Ambition Interruptus

There Will Be Surprises

Anointing the Body

Janice Josephine Carney
A Sense of Spirituality

Perspectives from a trans-Woman:
A Nathion of Subcultures

Sean Carter
Legal Denfense of Gay Marriage
Agatha Chamberlain
A Scriptural Look At Homosexuality
Dan Chambers
The Heart of Gratitude

In The Flesh

Rev. Suzie Chamness
Mourning the Passing of Joan (of Arcadia)

Sharing the Table

Staying in the Moment

Comfort in the Pain

Vision and Promise for a New Us!

Abundant Giving

The Original Offering

Do We Know How to Be a Friend?

The Effectiveness of Prayer

Our Case goes to God: Job 13

A City of Joy

Restoring Our Christ

Finding That Port in the Storm

Buckets and Closets

Where the Spirit of the Lord is,
There is Liberty

Don't Worry, Be Happy

There's That Clean Heart

How do We Recongnize Success?

Easter Grace

And We Bring Help and Peace

Faltering Faith

Words Have Their Own Life

We Are Not People of Darkness

In God's Image and Homosexual

Worry is a Drain on the Spirit

Growing in God

The Gift of Thanks

Surrounded by Light

No Small Task

Confidence in God

Where's the Trust?

Who's Will?

Be Aware

New Beginnings

Why Let Go?

Pursue Holiness

Jonathan Chapman
An Easter People:
A Meditation on the Eucharist
Ron Chaplin
Queer and Christian
James C. Chappelle
Gay Pride 101

Out at Forty-Five

Don Charles
Stumbling Blocks to Gay Liberation

March Down Babylon

Africa Screams

Transcending Gender

Dissing God and Gay People

Doin' Time in Gay Man's Hell

The Eleven Commandments of Gay Rights Activism

Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston
Silence Killed Matthew Shepard
Mark Chataway
Get Angry! Then Go Do Something About It!
Jim Checkley
All Things Buffy
Paden Cheeks
Ignore the Vipers
Candace Chellew-Hodge
Same Sex Marriage The Unholy Battle Over Matrimony

Same Sex Marriage: A Return To Tradition

The First Step: Coming Out To God

God's Special Promises To Gay and Lesbian Christians

What Does it Mean to be Christian, Anyway?

The Devil Comes To Greenville The Trials, Tribulations and Triumph of MCC Greenville

Queering the Flock

The Courage To Welcome

A Mega Church To Call Home: An Interview with Rev. Mike Piazza

Congregations in Conflict: An Interview with author Keith Hartman

Honesty Lands Baptistin Hot Water:
A Review of Kirby Godsey's book "When We Talk About God Let's Be Honest"

Deception As Cure

Storming The Gate: An Interview with Rev. Mel White

Abundant Grace Community Church: Walking The Talk

Homospirituality: A Queer Kind of Faith

Losing God: An Essay on Faith

Could The Religious Right Be Right?

The Gospel Girls

Homosexual Morality: Living A Life Of Integrity as a Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Christians

Am I Ex-Straight? Ex-gays and the Ethics of Labels

Inerrancy and Insolence

Living The Way of Truth

An Editor Gives Thanks

Gay Christians: Uncle Toms or Fools For God?

Putting on God's Armor: An Introduction to Spiritual Self Defense

Spiritual Self Defense For GLBT Christians: Responding Constructively to Persecution

Christianity Betrayed: An Interview with Author Bruce Bawer

Coming Out Without Coming On Too Strong

Choosing Our Neighbors

Me? In Spiritual Crisis? Never!

7 Lessons on Christianity From Xena: Warrior Princess

Leveling The Ground At The Foot Of The Cross: The Struggles of Three Congregations

Becoming A New Creation In Christ

Books That Bless

Confessions of a Reluctant Servant

The Power of Honest Prayer

Where Are The Preachers?

Battling For The Heart of Christianity: An Interview with Bishop John Shelby Spong

Human Authenticity: The Key To Spirituality--
An Interview With Author Daniel Helminiak

What MCC Has Meant to Me

Messing Ourselves Up

Esqueertology: Gay Christians' Right To Hope

God's Practical Jokes Or A Lesson in Faith

Riding Wild Horses Home: A Conservative Christian Apology

Drawing The Line: Rev. Jimmy Creech's Fight for Justice

Forget Love! What About God's Wrath?

Embracing the Exile: An Interview with Rev. Greg Dell

Changing a God of Fear Into a God of Love: An Interview with John J. McNeill

Forgive Them? Are You Crazy?

Offering Hope and Healing to Those Hurt by Religion:
An Interview with Dr. Rembert Truluck

The Power of Story

Freeing the Bible from Fear: An Interview with Rev. Samuel Kader

Out With a Passion: An Interview with Richard Rossiter

Mixed Blessings: Organized Religion and Gay and Lesbian Americans in 1998

Adequate Power is Available

Call To Witness

Discovering the Unshakable

The United Methodist Church and Spiritual Violence:
The Trial and Defrocking of Rev. Jimmy Creech

Kicked Out of the House: Two Georgia Baptist Churches Find Hope in Expulsion

The Salvation of Silence

67 California Ministers Won't Face Trial for Holy Union

Our House: A New Film Takes a Real Look at Gay and Lesbian Families

Finishing The Journey: A United Methodist Church Tackles a Thorny Issue

What Does The Lord Require? An Exegesis of Micah 6:1-8

Got Grace?

The Bread of Life is Here!

Thank God We Don't Have to "Like" Our Enemies!

WOW 2000: Welcoming Churches Spread the Fire of Inclusion

Anger as an Act of Love

Oral Roberts University Alumni Come Out of the Closet

Embracing the Devil You Don't Know

Evolving Toward Perfection

Keep Choosing God

New Book Assures Gay Christians That Jesus Makes, "No Exceptions!"

Better Heresy of Doctrine than Heresy of Heart

The Only Thing That Counts

Whosoever Living

Let Go and Hold On

The Sharp Edges of Blessings

Even The Demons Believe!

Daring to be a Heretical Follower of Christ

From "Simon Says" to "Mother May I?" --
The Role of Permission in the Christian Church

The Gift of Otherness:
An Interview with Authors L. William Countryman and M.R. Ritley

Shaping the Face of a New Christianity: An Interview with John Shelby Spong

The Reality of Resurrection

Love the Sinner; Forgive the Sin

Taking the Bible Seriously, But Not Literally: A Review of "Struggling with Scripture"

'God Bless America!': Locating Human Freedom in the Social Order

Not That's Community!

What's a Poor Gay Christian to Do?

A Commuter's Classroom: Learning Compassion in the Fast Lane

Do Not Push or Pull

A Grace Too Far: Homosexuality and the Christian Church

The Awakened Heart

Only the Present Moment is Real

Every Creature is a Word of God

The Flavor of Peace

There is No Sin in Love

Being an Instrument of Peace:
Some Reflections on WOW 2003

Jokin' in Jerusalem:

The Stand Up Comedy of Jesus Christ

New TV Show Proclaims "Whosoever Believes"
(and that means everyone, even those you don't like!)

Taking Back the Text:
A Review of "Understanding the Bible" by John Buehrens

A Seal Upon My Heart

People Suck

Reclaiming Our Spiritual Center

The House

Lifting the Veil

Purchasing Bewilderment

Amazed by Grace
An Interview with author Philip Yancey

Book Review: Reshaping Power
A Review of "Why Bush Must Go"

Peace Through Justice:
Reflections on a Lecture

Osama is My Neighbor

I'm Just An Old Chunk of Coal

Oh, the Irony!
A Look at the Old Testament and Homosexuality

Have You Read Romans 2?
A Look at the New Testament and Homosexuality

Realizing the Presence

Will You Rejoice?

Dropkick Me, Jesus

A New Diet for a New Year

In All Things Give Thanks

Holy Family, Batman!

A Song to Sing, A Life to Live
An Interview with Indigo Girl Emily Aliers and her dad Don Saliers

Language of the Spirit
Gay and Lesbian Christian musicians on the mystery of music

Converting a Christian Music-phobe

What's so Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?

Raising Up Prophets to Society
An Interview with Dr. Robert Minor

Love Makes You Do Stupid Things

Gracious Christianity

Paradox of Grace
An Interview with Authors Jim Mulholland and Philip Gulley

Jesus Has Two Mommies


Learning to Love the Questions

The HRC Finds Religion ... Finally!

What a Load!
Preached at MCC Columbia July 3, 2005 (AM Service)

God Bless America
Preached at MCC Columbia July 3, 2005 (PM Service)

Jesus' Family Values
Preached at MCC Columbia August 28, 2005 (PM Service)

Behold the Butt of God

New Web Site Seeks to connect
Gay and Lesbian Christians

Sermon Mad Libs
Preached at MCC Columbia, Columbia, SC, Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's in Giving That We Receive

Going Gayly Forward:
Two Women and a Poodle Bridge the Gay/Straight Divide

It's Just Not Fair!
Preached November 27, 2005 at MCC Columbia

God is Still Speaking!

Protecting All Families

Prophet Making Opportunities

Giving in Abundance

A New Pentecost:
An Interview with Matthew Fox

Disarming the Scriptures

Soulforce Welcomes New Executive Director

Transitioning with Whosoever

Becoming Hafta Farmers

Creating Sacred Cyberspace

Exploding the Myths of Jesus, the Bible and Homosexuality

Putting Faith in America

The Seed Rejoices

God Has Never Disappointed You

Jesus is Coing Look Busy

By Who's Definition?

I Don't Understand Fundamentalists

Summer Camp Only Different <

Grow Up! One Easy Step to Continual Growth and Inner Peace

Yes It Is, No It Isn't

Route Recalculation

God's Irrevocable Call

Don't Write Off the Right
An Interview with Soulforce Founder Mel White

Where's My Purse?

Loving Our Inner Lawyer

Joy in Joyless Times

Take a Hike
"Asphalt Jesus" Takes Progressive Christianity on the Road

When Religion Becomes an Addiction
An Interview with author Dr. Robert Minor

What Do You Say?

God's Refreshing Absence

Being Transgender: From Punchline to Mainline

What Are You Waiting For?

Run to Your Dreaming

Rescuing Jesus from Religion
An Interview with Biship John Shelby Spong

Building a Bridge for Such a Time as This

Gay Christian 101: Schooling Gays and Lesbians on the Bible
An Interview with author Rick Brentlinger

Soulforce Plans Year of Activities To Change Christian Image

Pharisee, Pharido

Strike A Match

Becoming a Transcended Christian
An Interview with Author Daniel Helminiak

The New Christians
An Interview with Emergent Leader Tony Jones

There is no Other Side

Reflect, Repent, Reboot

The Paradox of Freedom

Stop Arguing About the Bible and Homosexuality

We're One, But We're Not the Same

Disturbing the Peace

Consider the Lilies

Open Letter to Sean Hannity

Some Good Weed

When You're Out, You're In

Fatten My Spirit, O God

Size Matters

God: the Original Party Animal

Dancing With God

Poll: Many Believers Support Gay Rights

HRC Seeking Transformation of Church and State

This is Not Your Father's Kingdom

This Little Light of Mine

Serving the "Why Not?" God

When Love Comes to Town

Bringing Down the Light

The Cosmic Justice of Peace

A Holy Whole

Where's Your Jesus Now?

Jesus, Wake Up!


Will work for Kingdom

God's Guide to Anger Management

From Small Things, Mama,
Big Things One Day Come

With All Our "Mite"

Do It Yourself Salvation

Would You Like Fries With That?

Lighten Up!


Take A Message

The Good News of Original Blessing

Once Upon a Time

"Beginner's Mind"

Silly Love Songs

Not Going it Alone

Be Here Now

Asking Stupid Questions

Imagine ... the Possibilities

Imagine ... a New Story

Imagine ... a New Conversation

"Where is God in That?"

Imagine ... an Open Heart

Imagine ... Greater Things

Imagine ... a New Future

The "Oh, Yeah" ... of Commitment


The "Oh, Yeah" ... of Understanding

The "Oh, Yeah" ... of Gratitude

The "Oh, Yeah" ... of Contentment

The "Oh, Yeah" ... of Confrontation

Give It and Get It. Got It?

The "Oh, Yeah" ... of Remembering

The Seven Deadlies: Acedia

The Seven Deadlies: Lust

The Seven Deadlies: Anger

Where is the Light?

The Seven Deadlies: Fear

The Seven Deadlies: Gluttony

The Seven Deadlies: Pessimism

The Seven Deadlies: Envy

You Are My God

In Your Dreams: Dare to Dream

In Your Dreams: Stumbling Toward Our Dreams

In Your Dreams: Daydreams

In Your Dreams: Waking Up

Our Hearts Do Not Condemn Us

The Bible is No Defense for Violence

In Your Dreams: Nightmares

In Your Dreams: Dreaming the Impossible

To Divinity, and Beyond! Peace

To Divinity, and Beyond! Freedom

Trust in Waiting

To Divinity, and Beyond! Wisdom

To Divinity, and Beyond! Hospitality

To Divinity, and Beyond! Playfulness

God's Will in Three Questions

Whee! We! Wee! All the Way Home: Generosity

Whee! We! Wee! All the Way Home: Delight

Whee! We! Wee! All the Way Home: Forgetting and Remembering

Sober Up!

Whee! We! Wee! All the Way Home: Being Extremists

Whee! We! Wee! All the Way Home: How to Train Your Dragon

Whee! We! Wee! All the Way Home: Our True Home

Keep Pressing Play

From Jailbird to Free Bird: The Prison of Judgement

From Jailbird to Free Bird: The Prison of Predictabiliy

From Jailbird to Free Bird: The Prison of Popularity

From Jailbird to Free Bird: The Prison of Procrastination

From Jailbird to Free Bird: The Prison of Grudges

From Jailbird to Free Bird: The Prison of Selfishness

Via Creativa: What Now? Acceptance

Via Creativa: What Now? Mystery

Can These Bones Live?

Via Creativa: What Now? Free Yourself!

Via Creativa: What Now? Keeping the Main Thing, The Main Thing

Via Creativa: What Now? Breaking the Rules

Via Creativa: What Now? Have Faith

The Crazy Idea of "One New Humanity"

Via Transformativa: From Glory to Glory From Darkness to Light

Via Transformativa: From Glory to Glory From Death to Life

Via Transformativa: From Glory to Glory From Staying to Going

Via Transformativa: From Glory to Glory From Alive to Living

Rev. Kittredge Cherry

Queer Christian Art: An Empowering Gift
(An excerpt from Art That Dares: Gay Jesus, Woman Christ, and More)

Queer Christ Books Stir Hope and Hate

Gay saint of 9/11: Mychal Judge

Christian Century Editors

Sorrows of War
What would Augustine say?

Joan Christian

Revival Fires
Dane Christiansen
Love and Truth
Bro. Frank K. Clark

Defining the Indefinable

Rich Clark
The Spiritual Crisis of Coming Out
Bg Click
God's Creatures, One and All
David Cole
I Am A Stranger

My Crisis of Faith

Cheryl D. Coleman
Those Christians
Rev. Tim Collier
A Letter of Love to The Rev. Fred Phelps
Chuck Collins
Conflicts and Challenges Facing Gay and Lesbian Believers
Luann Conaty
The Difference Soulforce Can Make
Allie Jo Conkle
Musings on Gay Marriage

The Non-Wedding

Tyler Connoley
Righteous among the Nations: Luke 7:1-10

A Matter of Life or Death

I Do Believe in Fairies!

It's Not Okay

Two Queer Scriptures for the Pro-gay Toolbox

Melissa Conroy
Transgenderism and Religious Narratives

Unnatural Acts

Nahshon Cook
Three Poems
Meditations on Mark 4:39-40
Stephen Cooper
Inclusivity and Religion
Thom Cooper
Life After Exodus
Ray Cotsell
Meditation: Mary in the Garden
Based on John 20:11-18

Sandra Cox
God's Guidebook for Life
Louie Crew
Loving Those on the Religious Right

Let Us Now Praise Caustic Christians

In the name of God, Abba, Baba, DaDa, Father, Son, and Mother Spirit, AMEN

Three Poems

Did Jesus Laugh?

A Gay Psalm from Fort Valley

A Gay Male Carol

Which Way Home?

Don't Hang Up

Our Power Is in Our Weakness

William Werc's Prayer

So Great a Crowd of Witnesses

Love One Another

Brian Croft
More Thoughts On Hope

But The Greatest of These ...

Ordaining Gay and Lesbian Priests in Norway

Margaret Curry
God Is Love
Marguerite Curtis
Don't Ignore Me
Betty Cusiak
Grace for the "As Is"
Georgia Dahlberg
An Open Love Letter To My Brothers
Miles Christian Daniels
Gay Adoption: What Would Jesus Do?

Why I Lit a Peace Candle

The Pope, His Secretary, and Gay Marriage

Khenneth Dantzler
Called to Ministry
John Dart
Gay Acceptance Has Advances and Setbacks
in Three Denominations

The Pastor Behind the Gay Marriage Ruling

Mainline Called Uncounted Force for Change

Study process aided ELCA gay breakthrough

Cindy Davis
My Hope

But I Love You!

Dave in Phoenix
Romans: Exposing The Lie That Paul Condemns Homosexuality
Cindy Davis
My Hope

But I Love You!

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

Don Davis
The Surprise of Lynchburg
Herndon L. Davis

Black Homosexuality Goes Mainstream with release of
Spiritual Empowerment Book for Black GLBT, Clergy and Families

Liberation is Not Free!
A Black Gay/Lesbian Critical Analysis

Assassination by Tongue
A Black Gay/Lesbian Self-Defense Mechanism

Standing up to Big Mama:
A Black Gay/Lesbian Requirement

Spiritual Romance:
An Adam and Steve Love Story

Worship God Not The Bible:
A Black Gay/Lesbian Understanding

Black Gay and Christian Author
Debuts Syndicated TV Talk Show

Radical Minds and Critical Thinkers

Jackson H. Day
I Have Seen the Future
Pastor P. Kenyetta Day
The Empty Tomb: What Does the Resurrection Mean?
Simyona Deanova
Gendered With Purpose

Stay Alert!

Sing of Renewal

Tearing Up The Lists

Spirit of Wisdom

All Are One

James Deaton
The Dance of 'Coming Out'

Wrestling with Sin: Taking Owership of My Soul
or, Reflections on Sin from a Revival Meeting

John Dear
Pharisee Nation
R. Adam DeBaugh
Go Ahead, Be Angry at God!

Why Do We Even Bother With Religion?

Where is God?

Living in Gratitude While Ducking for Cover

The LGBT "Threat" to Straight Marriage

WOW! A Report from WOW 2003

Emmie Dee
Hate and Grace in Kansas City
Florine DeVeer
Get The Word Out!

God's Special Promises To Gay and Lesbian Christians

Wanda DeVine
The Father

Purifying Our Faith -- A Commentary on James

Being Made Clean: A Study of Acts

Raymond DeVries
Book Review:
"What's the Matter with Kansas?
How conservatives Won the Heart of America" - by Thomas Frank
Spencer Dew
Shock and Agape
Virginia Dicken
Growing up as a Whosoever
E.J. DiStefano
Manifesto to the Pharisees
Michelle Dixon
A New View on Tithing
Miss Poppy Dixon
Strange Fruit: Comparing the Struggles of African-Americans for Civil Rights
with the Struggles of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Peoples
The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Dobson
Jesus Was Gay?
Robert Dooman
Gay Fundamentalist
Roy Donkin
The Good News and The Eunuch
Ric Durand
On "The Silence of God"
Tom Durst
The Possible Arrogance of Beliefs

What Does "Coming Out" Mean?

Rebecca Dutius
The Lord is Our Shepherd