Authors: I - L

Ko Imani

The One Choice You Can Make Today to Create The Beloved Community --
An Excerpt from 'Shirt of Flame': The Secret Gay Art of War

The Near Enemy

Fire in the Lake

Reach Me a Gentian

Still and Know

Nail Implies Hammer

Deep and Hard


Beyond SBNR

Edward J. Ingebretsen

Even the Dogs Beneath the Table

Gay-Friendly: Liberal Politics in Church and Their Cost

Old Wine?

Scott Isebrand
God's Gay Tribe
Afdhere Jama
Out in Beirut

Queer and Christian in Iraq

Trouble In Baghdad

Limitless Glory

Grace Janssen
God's Timing

Grace: Amazing, Isn't It?

Grace: Too Good to be True?


Barbara Jean Jason
John 3:16
Judith Jecman-Fuhrman
Coming Out As A Child of God
Julianna Jerome
The Power of Prayer
Perry Penn Johnson
The Secret of Identity
Rev. Jay Emerson Johnson, Ph.D.
Archbishop Tutu Speaks Out for GLBT People
Jim Johnson
The Tongue Can Be a Two-Edged Sword
Randy Johnson
Maury Johnston
Facing the Specter of Schism

Rev. Dr. Neal Jones

A Bible Lesson for Liberals

Bishop Paul E. Jones
The Light of the World
Henry S. Juhala
Tears of Joy for Richard and Eric
Patricia E. de Jong

A Laughing Hope

The Rev'd Elizabeth Kaeton
The Miracle of Being Worthy

Jumping the Broom

Rima Kane
Three Poems
Jo Ellen Kanne

I Believe...

Wanjiru Kariuki
Speaking silence, who cares?
Emmy Kegler
God's Welcome is a Funny Thing
Elisabeth Anne Kellogg
Transvestism, Transgenderism, and Deuteronomy 22:5

The Natural Order of Creation

Buzz Kelly
The First Rhubarb
Charles Kenghis
New Study:
Right-wing Religious Organizations use Deceptive Tactics
Seth Kilbourn
Two-Years of Fairness in Massachusettes
Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Kilsby
Learning How To Blush
Michael Kimpan
Thoughts on the Manhattan Declaration
Rev. Richard Kirker
An Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury from the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement
Blyth Jori Kirtley
Love's Hard Lessons

A Lesson in Forgiveness

Dr. Marty Klein, Ph.D.
Dear Larry Craig: Now You Know...
Dennis Kluge
Time for Gay and Lesbian Catholics to Speak the Truth
Cathy Knight
Church Within a Church Movement Sets Course
Lisa and Bill Koontz

How the Grinch Stole Marriage

Harry Knox
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Preached October 12, 2005 at Chicago Theological Seminary

Remembering Who We Will Be:
The United Church of Christ and LGBT People in 2057

Kathleen Kopitsky
Have You Seen the Light?
Wally Kostick
Dear Pastors
Ezekiel Krahlin
The Original Sin: Heterosexuality

The Spirit of Gay Pride

The Rice Crackers of Good Fortune

The Rev. Dr. James T. Kries
The Battle Between GLBT and the Church

Gays in Heaven? Absolutely!

Lisa Lambert
God Assault:
Morality as the Ultimate Game
Tiffany S. Lavender-Nakashima
You Shall Be A Blessing: A Commentary on Genesis 12:1-3
Joseph Laycock
Hyper-Muscular Christianity
Elizabeth Lee
God is Indeed Still Working For Us and In Us
Tucker Lieberman
Why Change Your Sex?

Secret Wounds, Magic Words:
Eunuchs in the Bible

Richard Lindsay
On the Front Range of the Culture War:
Reflections on the Soulforce Action against Focus on the Family, May 1, 2005
L. Louise
The Wilderness

Is Fundamentalism Right for the Gay Christian?

The Intelligent God

Coming Home

Hills and Valleys


A Walk With Joseph

When Your Dogma Eats Your Karma

Bruce W. Lowe

A Letter to Louise:
A Biblical Affirmation of Homosexuality

Jon Loy