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W hosoever is blessed in many ways. One of the ways this magazine is especially blessed is because of the many people who take their time to write for this magazine. Right now, Whosoever does not pay its writers a dime for their work, but that has not stopped these dedicated Christian writers from contributing their time and talents to this valuable ministry to GLBT Christians.

Whenever I doubt God's abundant grace, and the existence of miracles in the world today, I only have to look at the long list of writers who have given so much of themselves to be a part of this ministry. Their generosity touches me in ways I cannot describe. Their depth of commitment to spreading God's love to GLBT Christians is truly humbling to witness.

I hope you'll take time to browse the articles of specific authors listed here, or read through each issue of Whosoever. I know you'll be touched ... and challenged ... by the authors who have graced our pages with their loving presence.

Happy Reading!