August 2014


I was told the “Good News” of Jesus could be summed up this way: “Do as I say, and nobody gets hurt.”

Heterosexuality seems to be a widespread human condition, and yet science hasn’t found its cause.

Everyone is special, God loves all of us under that rainbow and He wants each and every one of us to come into His arms just as we are.

While our families may give us a religion, they most often fail to give us what we need the most faith.

Unfortunately, we often equate the manifestation of virtues deemed to be moral with Christianity itself. By equating the two we are in error and set ourselves up to be viewed as hypocrites. Many of Gods people sometimes behaved immorally.

The grand meme, the Big Whopper, is that all Christians must be anti-gay, and that all gays must be anti-Christian.

For the progressive church to grow, it will have to move beyond charity to taking a public place in the front line of justice work.

As a Christian, I am profoundly embarrassed and outraged by those professing Christians who are in the vanguard of discrimination against LGBT people.

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