Bob Minor

Robert N. Minor Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at the University of Kansas, is author of When Religion Is an Addiction; Scared Straight: Why It’s So Hard to Accept Gay People and Why It’s So Hard to Be Human and Gay & Healthy in a Sick Society. Contact him at


The sense of being persecuted has been a rallying cry provoking the faithful to protect their brand and even take up arms.

Our culture still awards its warriors for killing another man. A man can get a medal for killing another man, but still be killed for loving one.

Heterosexuality seems to be a widespread human condition, and yet science hasn’t found its cause.

For the progressive church to grow, it will have to move beyond charity to taking a public place in the front line of justice work.

I’m hoping that after breaking gay male stereotypes, Michael Sam and his generation can also reject masculine ones.

If this can happen among the conservative judges of Utah and Oklahoma, then who’s next? Missouri? Alabama? Texas? And make no mistake about it – the right-wing is running even more scared that this can happen in their own backyards. It’s ready to play even more serious hardball to keep its cultural relevance apparent and its fund-raising up.

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