Simyona Deanova

After wrestling with my spiritual and gender identity for years, I finally came to terms with myself as a genderfluid individual, with a little bit more of a lean toward the feminine end of the spectrum. While in college I discovered my spiritual calling as a Christian Mystic and began to meditate on the Word, I even discovered a much closer connection with the Holy Trinity. I now endeavor to always be moving where the Holy Spirit is moving and I always seek to become a physical manifestation of the love God has for all His (or Her, if you like. I believe God transcends gender, so either pronoun is equally correct.) children. I truly believe God is trying to do something amazing with the LGBT community in this generation and have decided I’d like to be an active part of that. I love to write, I love to commune with God, and I love pursuing His heart for people.

Articles by Simyona Deanova:

“Is it wrong to be transgender?” I sometimes ask myself. “Does God really prefer that we stay within the binary genders the doctors assign us at birth?”

God is always speaking, and if we let it, His voice can be much louder in our ears than any of the other voices speaking in or around us.

Everyone is special, God loves all of us under that rainbow and He wants each and every one of us to come into His arms just as we are.

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