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Podcasting is all the rage these days and Whosoever certainly didn't want to be left behind, so we're producing our own podcasts - or "Godcasts" as religious podcasts are called. We invite you to subscribe to our podcasts and enjoy timely interviews, articles, and other features.

There are several ways to hear our podcasts. You can subscribe to them through iTunes or through a podcast receiver like iPodder and others. Download these programs to your computer and then input this address:


In Apple's iTunes, click on Podcasts in the left-hand Source column. Then, in the drop-down menu at the top left of the screen, click on "Advanced | Subscribe to Podcast..." then paste the above link into the pop-up window and click OK. When the file has downloaded, click on the Play button (or simply click on the file and hit the space bar).

If you're using podcast software other than iTunes, consult the help section in the podcast program of your choice.

You can also visit our Podcast page and listen to the podcast as streaming audio, or you can download the file by right clicking and choosing "Save Link As ..." and enjoy the podcast on your own computer.

By subscribing to the podcast, however, you'll receive updated shows as they are posted. You won't have to remember to check our page for new shows. Click on the "Feed Burner" icon on that page and you'll be instructed on how to subscribe to the podcast.

If you'd like to learn more about Podcasting, check out these pages:

You can download iPodder here and start listening now!

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