Prayer Requests

  • Its been a rough few years. My partner of 13 years was murdered brutally, and I not only lost him, but in the process lost my home. Due to the economy I've lived in poverty for the last few years, sometimes not having money for food. I do work, but with bills and rent its hard to buy groceries. I met a guy and we moved to Canton, Ohio. We are flat broke and have no friends. Its very lonely for us. Please pray for God to send us Christian friends and to help us get out of poverty.
  • My wife and I were together for seven years... married for 5 1/2. We separated. This has been extremely rough and hard for both us. It feels like someone I care deeply for has passed away. Please pray for us both.
  • My partner just left me for another woman and I am devastated. Please pray for the pain and to fade quickly and for my heart to heal so that I can love unconditionally and without fear again someday.
  • Help in accepting the loss of the love of my life. Brief Backstory: I had just come out of a relationship that felt doom from the start, like everyone in such a situation a prayed to God to send someone who would love me differently and in my mind he heard my prayers and blessed me however the circumstances were far from perfect. She is a self fundamentalist Christian, identified straight married woman who was and still is in a loveless relationship. We have walked away from each other because she can't accept her feelings for me and what I represent. It has been a struggle, a sincere struggle. So I am asking someone to pray for my forgiveness and pray for me to have the strength to overcome such circumstances.
  • My girlfriend hasn't come out yet to her parents because she knows they wont agree. I'm asking for prayer for her courage and her parents to be accepting.

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