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You Can't Change What the Bible Says!

[Posted on February 5, 2001]

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Hello, I am sure you all get many hate letters. I do not think that is the way to go about things especially if you claim to be a Christian. I just want to say that I will pray for you all. The purpose of the Bible is to show the correct way to do things. If you read the Bible with preconceived ideas or hopes then you will get what you want out of it. If you read the Bible to try to see what it is saying then you will receive blessing upon blessing. I would encourage you to read the Bible for what it is and not for what you would have it be. We do not create God or his ideas or commandments. He created us in His own image. I think you know in your heart that these things are not so....If I found a non-opinion non-Christian and gave him these versus, he would without reserve say that the Bible says the homosexuality is wrong. Changing what the Bible says can only hurt you. If you let the Bible change you and submit to all of God's commandments then you will be changed for the better (not just your homosexual lifestyle but other things also) and the peace of God will rest upon you. Submit to God don't hold the bitterness in your heart or you will not grow in Christ.

In Christ

Lynn Ray