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You Make Me Want to Puke!

[Posted on October 16, 2000]

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I have a brother, whom I love dearly, who is a cross dresser. I am a Holy Spirit filled christian and reading this just makes me want to puke. Satan knows the word of God inside out and he has you blind as a bat. I cannot stand here and swallow all this junk that you have said. It makes me sick. I am trying to understand my brothers problem/choice he has made in life. It has made me sick to see that you compare yourself to eunichs, when eunichs were men that their testacles were not formed correctly, or they were castrated or they just choose not to get married to have normal sexual relations with women. It clearly doesn't say that they wore womens clothing!!! And also, if you really are a christian and have received Jesus and your Lord and Saviour how come you are not following His commands not to dress as women DEUT 22:5 WHEREE IT CLEARLY STATES A WOMEN SHOULD NOT WEAR ANYTHING THAT PERTAINS TO A MAN, NOR A MAN SHALL PUT ON A WOMENS GARMENT; FOR WHOEVER DOES THISE THINGS IS AN ABOMINATION TO THE LORD YOU GOD???? You clearly do not understand the Word of God when you say that it contradicts itself -- ON THE CONTRARY!!!! GOD'S WORD IS CLEAR AND TRUE HE WROTE IT AND IT WILL LAST FOREVER. IT JUST MAKES ME SICK HOW YOU ARE PERVERTING GOD'S WORD!!!!! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL!!!!