Reverent Responses

You Must Change to Walk With God:
Maarten van den Driest Responds

[Posted on January 29, 2001]

Dear Mr. Strange,

I am not the editor of the Whosoever online magazine. I am a member of the Reverent Responses council. I hope you will hear my answer.

Editor, I have the proud privilege to say that first of all I am not Gay and that yes God loves every body.

It is said we should love the sinner but hate his sins. I hate your proudness and your boasting. Psalm 101:5b has it: "him that hath an high look and a proud heart will not I suffer." For you, acknowledging that God loves everybody is easy. You apparently stand on the right side of things and turn your own human scorn to those who are wrong in your human eyes. You have found the mote in your brother's eyes... recognise that one?

God will accept us as we are but change is required of us to continue this walk with him. We must take up our cross deny ourselves and follow him and not man.

Eminently right but still an easy thing to say. I see you only following your own heart. Would not God Almighty deal with us Himself if we wronged Him? Why do you see the need to defend Him against perceived wrongdoings of others? Jesus did actually take up the cross. He took our sins on Himself. He did not focus solely on the lives of others in order to forget His own. I hate the way you strike out to people who haven't hurt you, who haven't done anything to offend you other than try to be Christians.

We must be careful in the things that we do and say claiming that it is acceptable with God. Leviticus 20:13 "If a man also lie with mankind as if with a woman both of them have committed an abomination".

My dear man, the very fact that you quote this verse shows a tremendous lack of respect. We have answered this quote time and again on our own site and it was answered by countless other gay Christians all over the Net as well as in real life. You don't know the answer? Very well, I will explain it again. This is a verse that uses a very difficult word that probably points to homosexual ritual prostitution. Even gay prostitutes aren't into sex for any ritual, homosexual people of both genders even less. We are simply not covered by this verse. The Bible has a lot to say about straight prostitution, by the way, far more than in the verses that some people make out to be anti-gay. Those are indeed clear in their tone. Why don't you go and warn heterosexual people about their wrongs then? Who keeps all those female prostitutes in business? Not us gay men. Not us lesbian women. I hate your lack of respect and I hate your abuse of the Holy Bible to suit your own whims.

The bible still says that the wages of sin is death and it does not alleviate homosexuals. The bible also says in Romans that there were men with men working that which is unseemly and would receive in themselves that recompense of their error.

I now see a man working that which is unseemly but still I won't give you a death sentence. Vague words, Victor. That which is unseemly is far more likely to be going to female prostitutes in my eyes. Who told you that some hard to understand old Greek words mean 'all gay people'? Explain that to me. You are judging - although you must have read Romans 2:1 - a large part of the world population because of some out-of-context obscure biblical texts that point out unclear wrongs. I grant you that gay men and lesbian women making the wrong choices are wrong but the whole fact that they are gay doesn't make them wrong. There isn't a sort of standard bonus sin level for homosexuals. You try and point out a verse that says that.

I hate the easy way with which you condemn, against biblical instruction, a large part of your fellow humans, a large part of your family, friends, colleagues and children.

The bible goes on again in 1Tim 4:2 That in the latter times some would depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils speaking lies in hypocrisy having their conscience seared with a hot iron.

Somehow I doubt that true faith is badgering good other people with words that can only cripple them emotionally, to go to other humans and tell them that the very core of their being is ugly. Although I do hate the way you treat me and millions of other gay people, I will not do that. I believe in you, in a core, a soul that only needs to be freed from the bonds of sinful behaviour. I will try my best to help you in any way you would want to ask of me.

Somehow I doubt those departing from the faith will be gay and those staying in will all be straight. Isn't that a bit too easy, a bit too suited to your own emotional needs? I am not the one speaking hypocrisy here. I am actually not one to use Bible texts like that but you quoted it. It's your responsibility.

Editor, I hope that you truly come to know Jesus in the power of his might that he break through that demonic bondage of rebellion called homosexuality.

I also hate your chosen stupidity. Some people are below average intelligence and they can't help it but you choose freely to ignore the information around you. You refuse to think in favour of upholding your own needs. That is in my eyes very egocentric and certainly not very Christian. Homosexuality is not a rebellion. I do not know if you missed this or just ignored it but this is a Christian site. We try to build the road toward the kingdom of God here, by partially providing a refuge for gay people that are unwelcome anywhere else. On top of other ministry.

Consider a 17-year-old girl who returns home one afternoon to find all the locks on the house closed. End of story. Consider a 16-year-old boy who made the mistake of trusting his parents and came out to them. They made him kiss their feet and beg for forgiveness just in order to be able to stay in the house. These are true stories. Not of Christian people but of rebels against God, whatever they call themselves.

We are not the rebels, Victor. We do not try to push people away in our hurry to reach His throne. We normally don't have the crippled emotional state that makes us want to hurt other people to feel good about ourselves. Or else we were wounded, by straight people most of the time.

I am not against straight people, that would be ludicrous. I also don't hold a grudge. I am simply telling you what I see around me.

It a shame that there is such a website endorsing such abomination, without repentance of these deeds you will lift your eyes in Hell and all of the individuals that you encourage to follow along God will hold you accountable please do not make this awful mistake.

It is a shame we tell people they are basically okay when the world murders them? I thought I'd get compliments for doing acts of mercy but no, you make me out to be a recruiter of hell. Let me guess, Victor, You actually cherish the thought of all those vile gay people in hell, don't you? You hate our parades, the way we dress, they way we work against your country and try to bring civilisation down. Well, we don't. We don't do all that. We are far too busy keeping people like you at bay and making a living. We pay taxes too, don't you know. We actually help build the countries that then make up laws to destroy us. You can disregard my entire letter with the single thought that it's all lies from a devil-possessed homo anyway. But that thought will be an act of will, Victor, it will have been a choice.

When you make that choice then be sure you are totally aware of the results of your choice. It is your life and it is your mind and soul we are speaking about so I won't push you any way. You can either choose to seriously look at the gay people around you - because they are there - and see how they love, how they cherish life despite all those that hate them, how they uphold relationships for years despite whole families working against them, see how they go to their jobs happily in the morning, despite the risk of being fired on the spot. You can choose to see gay Christians, worshipping God in true passion and faith. Or you can choose to go on and see us as sinners completely apart from God. I realise now that there is nothing at all I can say to make you sway to my side of the story. Nothing at all and I have peace with that.

This is entirely your own choice.

I do love you. I have seen more souls in pain in this life than I would care to count. However, I try to reach out to them anyway. You don't have to change for me, Victor. I wouldn't ask you to become gay, even if you could. I will not ask you to change your views or even apologise for the pain you caused us. I will ask you to look to the next gay person you meet and realise that you love him. Love the sinner, right? Then act on that love.

If you ever want to write to me again, I will be there. If you ever want to send another letter full of ranting, I will be there, witnessing. If you ever realise that you were a bit too harsh, I will be there, ready to tell you it's okay. But, above all, realise that you are a living human and therefore holy. Act on that, we usually treat holy things with respect. You got your heart and your mind from the Almighty. So treat those with respect and love, too.

All the best in life, love and work.