Seeds of Hope

Dear Gentle Folks,

Many of you know me through articles that, on rare occasions, I have contributed to this webzine. Now, I guess you will see me in a slightly different light.

The editor (who must be obeyed) has asked me to offer some pastoral insights for some of the letters that cross her desk. These letters are hard, and heart breaking to read. They are full of questions and doubts and in some cases utter hopelessness. So I am going to attempt here with this column to answer those questions, mend some hearts and offer some seeds of hope.

For the sake of space letters will only be quoted in part and the writer's name will be withheld for their privacy. Hopefully, by answering these letters it will also help those of you with the same questions, doubts, and feelings of hopelessness who haven't yet wrote, but suffer and grieve in silence.

Please remember I am a simple pastor, who is not a psychologist, nor a great theological scholar. My answers will come to you from my heart and my experiences as a pastor, as well as one who has studied the Bible for a number of years. The purpose of this column is not to fix or solve problems, but rather help folks get pointed in the right direction to find the answers they need and to offer a bit of hope by erasing some doubts.

Rev. Paul Turner

Rev. Turner is Sr. Pastor at Gentle Spirit Christian Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you are seeking guidance and pastoral care on your journey to fullness as a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered person, please contact him directly at