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Whosoever Prays is a group dedicated to prayer and meditation with a focus on answered prayers. Anyone may join.

We ask that anyone who becomes a member commit to doing the following:

1. PRAY: Commit, to the best of your ability to pray for those in need. If you would refer to the prayer request page, you will find some of the prayers that people have submitted. These prayer requests are an important focus of expanding the Whosoever Ministry. This is a good place to start. Once there, you may feel encouraged to post your own prayer needs so that they will reach a broader expanse of people who venture in and feel the need to pray.

2. ENCOURAGE: Give encouragement to those in need. Become an active part of those who need prayer by sending them a note of encouragement when they have submitted their e-mail address and/or name (which appears in blue).

3. RESPOND: Respond to those who want to celebrate their victories and triumphs. Also respond to those who are in grief and pain from loss or fear that their prayers have gone unanswered.

4. POST: Post your own success or, what may feel like, stories of failure that you feel comfortable sharing with the rest of the group. This will encourage more participation between members and allow for an online fellowship for those who have a penchant for prayer.

5. FOLLOW-UP: Follow up on someone you may not have heard from in awhile to see how things are going with them and offer them more assistance in the form of prayer.

Whosoever Prays is not a substitute for posting your prayers on other e-groups, including the current mailing list that Whosoever Magazine supports. This group is designed to "focus" on the act of and fulfillment of prayer. It is open to discussion but with a primary purpose that we be centered in our prayer lives. Hopefully, it will be an interactive group whose members would like to celebrate, mourn, or discuss important issues that are in need of attention, as they see fit.

As a Whosoever Prays member, we can offer you:

1. A promise that you and those who are on the prayer list are being prayed for.

2. Encouragement and follow-up for those who have requested prayer.

3. A weekly reminder to go to the prayer page to pray for those people who have requested it and encouragement to submit your own prayers on that list.

4. This group will be moderated by Erny Phipps and Editor Candace Chellew so that you can feel safe in expressing your needs without discrimination. The moderators will do everything possible to keep this a positive place. This includes not sending you messages that have nothing to do with this group's mission and keeping any posts that are judgmental or deliberately go against Whosoever Magazine's mission.

We hope that through this group we can encourage you to strengthen your prayer life. We hope that you will assist others to have faith when it appears God may not be there for them -- for you will be there, as a mediator, for them. We hope that through this prayer ministry, your faith journey will be strengthened. But, our deepest hope is that you will find a place of rest to converse with others and find fellowship through an active and participating prayer life.


Erny and Candace

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