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Marriage Equality Support on the Rise

Despite the ridiculous fear mongering of those opposed to marriage equality for same-gender partners, the population at large gets it. A new NY Times/CBS poll shows the highest support yet for marriage equality – 42 percent now support it, up from just 33 percent last

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Setback for Presby Gay Clergy

Gay clergy in the Presbyterian Church will have to wait for yet another round of voting before they’ll be approved for ordination. A presbytery vote on removing the prohibition against gay clergy has failed – but by a closer margin than the last time a

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Marriage Equality Roundup

Same-gender couples can get married in Iowa starting today! Melisa Keeton and Shelley Wolfe were declared “legally married” by pastor Peg Esperanaza during a ceremony in front of Polk County administrative offices in Des Moines. It didn’t take long before they were referring to one

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Confucius is Confused

Nearly every week, the media obsesses over some Professional Famous Person’s latest words of wisdom about the LGBT struggle for equality. Sometimes these words affirm us, and at others they attempt to slap us down. Then there are times when they’re so incomprehensibly stupid we

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Same-Gender Marriage Video Response

Love not Laws has produce a video in response to the fear-mongering anti same-gender marriage ad by NOM, the National Organization for Marriage. Check it out: Rev. Candace ChellewThe founder and Editor Emeritus of Whosoever, Rev. Candace Chellew earned her Masters of Theological studies at

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A Gathering Storm

Stephen Colbert does a great take off on the NOM (National Organization for Marriage) fear mongering anti-same-gender marriage ad. Check it out! Rev. Candace ChellewThe founder and Editor Emeritus of Whosoever, Rev. Candace Chellew earned her Masters of Theological studies at the Candler School of

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Torture and the Shadow Code

As more revelations of U.S. torture methods — approved at the highest levels of our government — are revealed to us, the complicity of Christians is perhaps especially appalling. Detainees from the Middle East, suspected of being terrorists, have been held in prison camps —

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GOP Support for Same-Gender Marriage?

Towleroad is reporting that Steve Schmidt, former advisor to Republican presidential candidate John McCain, will be urging the GOP to support same-gender marriage. Update: HuffPo has good post of Schmidt’s speech – religion will kill the GOP! In an excerpt from Schmidt’s speech to Log

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Life for Rural LGBT Christians

It’s tough in so many ways to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, but add being a Christian to the mix and suddenly you’re a minority in a minority. Now take your LGBT Christian self and plop down in some rural community. It doesn’t matter