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When is a Poll Not Really a Poll?

When it’s at and concerns those “evil homer-sectuals.” That’s when. Oh, and don’t miss Peter LaBarbera’s take on the myth of “gay Christians.” Apparently, we’re like unicorns, only not as collectible in figurines. For my take on the Barna study of gay Christians, check

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Scariest music videos EVER

Okay, this is just disgusting. Funny, in a way, but knowing the Westboro Baptist Church, they believe this crap with their whole hearts. Remember folks, God knows our hearts, and God knows the depth of the depravity of such groups. They have their reward. Top

Barack Obama

Oh, No He Didn’t! Obama Defends DOMA

I am beyond angry at the Obama administration for the Department of Justice brief defending the despicable Defense of Marriage Act. The brief is odious and an insult to gays and lesbians who seek nothing more than equal treatment under the law and the enforcement