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Update: Greenville MCC Victorious!

MCC Greenville will soon be holding services in their new building, now that the city has approved the move. Last issue we told you the story of Greenville MCC. They were denied a permit by the city for what the zoning board said was a

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Welcoming Baptists Unite!

The Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists was initiated at a gathering of pastors at the 1991 American Baptists’ Biennial meeting in Charleston, West Virginia, and was formally organized at the 1993 Biennial in San Jose, California. By 1995 the Association had grown to over

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On the Bookshelf: The Best Books on Being Gay and Christian

Often our questions about being gay and Christian require more in-depth reading. Here are some of the best books on the shelves today: Living In Sin? A Bishop Rethinks Human Sexuality; Spong, John Shelby; $10.00; Bishop Spong calls for a moral vision to empower the

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The Devil Comes to Greenville

It’s the dream of every growing congregation to have a building they can call their own. It’s a milestone that many churches with ministries to gays and lesbians have achieved. The congregation of MCC Greenville believed they had achieved that dream earlier this year when