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Yes, You Can Be Gay and Evangelical

Can you be gay-vangelical? Being both LGBTQI and fundamentalist… is that possible? Of course it is. The great diversity present among fundamentalist and literalist Christians, relative to the small number of Bible passages that actually mention homosexual activity, leaves a lot of room for someone to

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In My Blood: Born This Way and Worthy of Love

I was lying around in the quiet of my home when the final wisps of summer were brewing in the sunlight, beckoning me to play. I had just got home from the first day of my senior year of high school and I felt no

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Letters to Home: Comfort in the Time of Pandemic

Dear Bro, I love you. I know it’s not my normal starting phrase, but now that we all are fighting the coronavirus, it should be the first words out of the mouths of everyone these days. There are famous people being reported as passing due to

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Letters to Home: Life Happens, Ready or Not

Dear Bro, Some days start off well and then fall apart because of just one thing throwing you off.  I am not sure if it happens more often as I age or not, but my life isn’t anything close to what I expected when I

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Letters to Home: Living In and Out of the Closet

Dear Bro, I have been thinking and I have been sharing about my coming out, being outed by someone else or just dealing with when one might come out. What I haven’t shared is what it is like to be in the closet. Being in

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The Kiss

It was a spring morning. Or wait, maybe it wasn’t the morning. Could it have been the afternoon? Whichever; it was a bright sunny day. The rays of the sun were piercing the beauty of the stained glass windows. I stood behind the altar and

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The Unseen Green Agenda

Everyone knows that the ‘Gays’ have a hidden agenda to take over world government and create a Utopian society where ‘it’s raining men’ is a good thing. Somehow, we make that work and feel good for everyone who is in relationship with someone from his

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What the LGBTQI Spiritual Journey Can Teach Anyone

When I came out of the closet, I was in my mid-30’s and quite involved in a conservative Christian church. It wasn’t customary to hear positive things being said from the pulpit about the LGBTQI crowd. In fact, it was sternly preached as ungodly and