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Introducing “Letters to Home”

This will be a regular column here at “Whosoever”.  The title of it is, “Letters to Home”.  I will be writing letters to home that talk about me and what it is about living as an out and proud lesbian. I want to introduce myself. 

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Lazarus in the Pride Parade

Jesus received a message that Lazarus was sick. Jesus did not leave immediately to see Lazarus. He waited for two days before going to see Lazarus. By the time Jesus arrived, Lazarus had been dead and buried for four days. This is where we will

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Imagine the Possibilities

Talk given to a PFLAG group in Montana on October 11, 2006 Hi, my name is Becky Taylor and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here and I’m excited to share something that means a lot to me – first I should probably

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Know Your Enemy

Now you may think that you are alone in the world, but you are not. There are thousands of Christians all over the world who are gay and have or are facing the exact same thing you are facing. In fact God has a plan

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Where’s Momma?!

As I begin this essay, on the evening of Mother’s Day, I have a very pertinent question: “Is Momma in the house?” The American Right is now in the process of imploding upon itself. How can we know, for certain, that it is about to

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Redemption from the Remnant

I just finished reading some reviews from Exodus International. For those who do not know, this organization is the largest ex-gay ministry on earth and claims to have a wonderful success rate. The truth is that many neutral scientific organizations from small ones, to huge

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Speaking Silence, Who Cares?

If I have chosen to air some silences in the church’’s closet, it is to create room for open dialogue on Christian normalisations and how these normalisations disempower particular groups of Christians. I intimate that silence is the act in which particular members of the

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The Original Offering

What Christianity offers to all is the availability to share in the life of Christ. God already lives within us. I find that God is in all of us but many do not acknowledge that presence. What God wants from us is the invitation and