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Pride colors

Surely My Cup Runneth Over

Jesus is … The joy of my heart The light of my life The bright and morning star My highest and best hope The peace in my soul and The praise in my mouth There is none like Him When I am down with the

Pride colors

Blessed Persecutors

Bless those who persecute us!? God, do you know what You’re asking? I don’t mean to complain but really, what are You thinking? Bless those who killed poor Matthew Shepard? Are you sure You want to say that for the record? And Lord, he isn’t

Pride colors

An Invitation

The table is set, The food is ready, Come and dine, You are welcome. All is ready for you, Come now and eat. All are welcome here Just believe and come, And here find peace and love. Signed: GOD

Pride colors

Three Poems by Louie Crew Clay

Gay Reformation Hymn Tune: Ein feste burg is unser Gott Two thousand years we feared our love, condemned “unnatural sinners.” Now stepping forth from heaven above Christ makes gays special winners. This world is filled with hate. It seems almost too late for God to

Pride colors

Midnight Prayer

Save me, O God, from the temptation to be less than fully human, less than the child of God You created me to be. Save me, O God, from the temptation to view my sexuality as a curse, rather than as a precious Gift with

Pride colors

Three Poems by Rima Kane

Renewed and Restored Dear Heavenly Father hear my plea I need forgiveness please rescue me My light has been dimmed by the enemy sin, and I’ve fallen so far from victory I want to fight to restore the light Come lift me up and I

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He’s Still There: A Short Story

Narendra couldn’t help overhearing the loud voices coming from inside as he sat on the stoop outside the apartments. A taxicab stopped across the street and the driver honked the horn for his fare. The cool, evening air had refreshed and relaxed him, but it

Abandoned adult

Second Coming: A Poem

I originally wrote this little poem last year, and though it mentions LGBT issues very briefly, it’s designed for everyone to enjoy and think and reflect on. I got to thinking about the fact the other day that we have so much diversity in and

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Two Poems by Mary Warejcka

Ocean of Tears Oh God how you must weep over us The ocean is so wide, so full of your tears How you must weep over our sins The hate, the greed, the lusts, the material things we put before you The ocean is so