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Complex clouds form after many inches of rain over several days near Stockton, California.

The Fiercest Love

Let our kiss infringe upon the holy, Spilling truth on their toxins. After suffering infinite silence and death of rebellion, Let church bells ring in our honor— The shunned and ravaged brothers and sisters “In God’s name,” But God never said. Let choir birds sing

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Mark 4:39-40: Three Poems as Meditations on the Verses

Wonderful So, I was watching the workings of that Strange in-between place called adulthood Where you’re not happy, but you’re not Devastated either, ’cause it’s understood That for the sake of survival, wonderful Questions about the reason for little Lubricants of falsity can be asked

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The Non-Wedding: A Poem

The story behind the poem: The mother of one of the grooms is a friend of mine, and all through the months leading up to the big day, she would start to say “wedding,” then catch herself and substitute “commitment ceremony”. I finally said, “Honey,

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Epiphany Set

The head nun gave us two things: ‘You are a good person’, and ‘It’s just a statue’. There’s no wavering when you get it from an expert. Hope borrowed from her jumps into you. We lesbian rurals start our 21st family year knit up tight

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Surely My Cup Runneth Over

Jesus is … The joy of my heart The light of my life The bright and morning star My highest and best hope The peace in my soul and The praise in my mouth There is none like Him When I am down with the

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Blessed Persecutors

Bless those who persecute us!? God, do you know what You’re asking? I don’t mean to complain but really, what are You thinking? Bless those who killed poor Matthew Shepard? Are you sure You want to say that for the record? And Lord, he isn’t

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An Invitation

The table is set, The food is ready, Come and dine, You are welcome. All is ready for you, Come now and eat. All are welcome here Just believe and come, And here find peace and love. Signed: GOD

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Three Poems by Louie Crew Clay

Gay Reformation Hymn Tune: Ein feste burg is unser Gott Two thousand years we feared our love, condemned “unnatural sinners.” Now stepping forth from heaven above Christ makes gays special winners. This world is filled with hate. It seems almost too late for God to

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Midnight Prayer

Save me, O God, from the temptation to be less than fully human, less than the child of God You created me to be. Save me, O God, from the temptation to view my sexuality as a curse, rather than as a precious Gift with

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Three Poems by Rima Kane

Renewed and Restored Dear Heavenly Father hear my plea I need forgiveness please rescue me My light has been dimmed by the enemy sin, and I’ve fallen so far from victory I want to fight to restore the light Come lift me up and I