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Rev. Mel White

Mel White’s Journey Continues

“The Hidden Dangers of the Christian Right” is the subtitle of Mel White’s brand new book, Religion Gone Bad. It’s his latest intimate analysis of the intentions of the extreme right-wing of Christianity that’s been setting the national agenda for over a decade. Most well-known

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Disarming the Scriptures

When I saw the announcement for Craig Bettendorf’s new book A Biblical Defense Guide for Gays, Lesbians and Those Who Love Them my first reaction was to groan. Why in the world do we need yet another book about what the Bible does and does

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The Impossible Will Take a Little While, by Paul Loeb

Living in Hope When You’re Not an Optimist An optimist, my favorite definition goes, is someone who falls off a skyscraper and as he passes the thirtieth floor thinks: “So far, so good.” The Bush presidency, the corporate take-over of the US, and the destruction

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Stories of Faith

As a child my faith was constantly bolstered by stories, both fiction and non-fiction, of those whose lives had been touched by Jesus. The Man Born To Be King a play-cycle on the life of Jesus written by Dorothy Sayers and presented by the British

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Demanding Words for Spiritual Seekers

To believe, as a Christian is not primarily to assent to propositions of the Christian creed: primarily, to believe is to entrust our whole being to God. (G.W. Hughes 1985) Just as any book is read different people will arrive at differing conclusions as to

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