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‘Blessed Bi Spirit: Bisexual People of Faith’ | Review

Blessed Bi Spirit is a collection of 32 articles, poems, prayers, and stories from bisexual men and women on a wide variety of spiritual paths: Buddhist, Pagan, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Native American, and others. While some of the theological articles are a little wordy, the

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‘Not Afraid to Change’ by John Paulk | Review

John Paulk in Wonderland During the past year, homophobic religious and political forces have accelerated and intensified their unrelenting attacks against homosexuals with ads in newspapers, magazines, and television. John Paulk along with his “former lesbian” wife Anne have become symbols of the “Ex-Gay” push


Reader Recommendations

Here are some books that our readers are recommending. From L. Louise: Stranger at the Gate, by Mel White Stranger at the Gate is a fascinating tale of one man’s struggle for religious freedom. Rev. Mel White was a pastor, teacher and writer. He wrote

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Stories of Faith

As a child my faith was constantly bolstered by stories, both fiction and non-fiction, of those whose lives had been touched by Jesus. The Man Born To Be King a play-cycle on the life of Jesus written by Dorothy Sayers and presented by the British

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Demanding Words for Spiritual Seekers

To believe, as a Christian is not primarily to assent to propositions of the Christian creed: primarily, to believe is to entrust our whole being to God. (G.W. Hughes 1985) Just as any book is read different people will arrive at differing conclusions as to

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Books That Bless

My love affair with books began long before I could read. I remember carrying around a particular book as a child. I could not make out a word of it, but I liked the look and feel of the book in my hands. I liked


Book Review: Mom, I Need To Be a Girl

I wish I’d had this book to give to my parents and siblings and other relatives in 1976, the year that I transitioned. Or maybe even before. I don’t know if it would have made a difference with some, but I think it would have