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Cades Cove (TN) Methodist Church

Another Missed Opportunity

A Message from the Office of the Moderator, UFMCC The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches joins justice-seeking people within the United Methodist denomination and in the larger community in expressing profound sorrow and disappointment at the decision of the Conference delegates in Cleveland, Ohio

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The Lost Baptist Ark

In the climactic scene in the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Indiana Jones and his girlfriend are tied to a pole to watch as the Nazis open the ancient Ark of the Covenant. This holy symbol of Israel’s religion has been captured and is

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A Letter to the Congregation

With the composition of a single two-paged letter I was able to lose the respect, support and love of an entire congregation of Christians. The faithful witness I maintained through twenty-seven years of service to a small group of believers came to nothing frightfully quickly.

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Dr. Mel White Resigns UFMCC Justice Ministry

July 19, 1999 (Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, CA.) Mel White has resigned as the volunteer Justice Minister for the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches. “I’m almost sixty,” he said. “In another sixty years they’re going to bury me. Until then, I want to spend