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The Kiss

It was a spring morning. Or wait, maybe it wasn’t the morning. Could it have been the afternoon? Whichever; it was a bright sunny day. The rays of the sun were piercing the beauty of the stained glass windows. I stood behind the altar and

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The Unseen Green Agenda

Everyone knows that the ‘Gays’ have a hidden agenda to take over world government and create a Utopian society where ‘it’s raining men’ is a good thing. Somehow, we make that work and feel good for everyone who is in relationship with someone from his

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What Jesus Said About Family Values

“Traditional Family Values” has become a powerful political slogan and an anti gay weapon that cannot be ignored. Did Jesus talk about family values? How can Jesus lead us into a Christian gay and lesbian understanding of family values? Jesus expressed great respect for family

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Homosexuals and the Decline in Family Values

I am so sick of people saying that homosexuals are the cause of declining “family values”, what I’d like to know is HOW does that work? People have a tendency to blame anything and anybody but themselves when things aren’t going the way they think