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Gay couple holding hands in front of a pride flag signifying support and love

WOW! A Report from WOW 2003

As if I wasn’t giddy enough from all the emotional events of this year, last weekend I journeyed to Philadelphia for the WOW 2003 conference! WOW! Witness Our Welcome. Over 1,000 LGBTQ people and our straight allies were there, including some of the most amazing

Soldiers boarding airplane

Sorrows of War: What Would Augustine Say?

Though Augustine is widely known — and frequently reproached — for developing the concept of a “just war,” he believed war is essentially an occasion for remorse. “The wise person will wage just wars,” he wrote, but even the possibility of war “should cause humans

Soldiers boarding airplane

Love in a War Zone: A Journey of Peace to Iraq

Editor’s Note: Kara Speltz, 65, spent three days in Baghdad witnessing and documenting how the U.S. bombing of Iraq was affecting the country and its residents. The Iraqi government expelled her and other members of her group from the Christian Peacemakers Team for taking unauthorized

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Infiltrating the Southern Baptist Convention

My husband and I spent June 7-11, 2002 with Soulforce studying the nonviolent teachings of Martin Luther King and Gandhi. One of our teachers was Arun Gandhi, the fifth grandson of Mohandas Gandhi. We were choosing to spend our own 35th wedding anniversary preparing to

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