Volume 16, Issue 2: God’s Will

Cover Stories:

God’s Will in Three Questions By: Rev. Candace Chellew When we talk about “God’s will,” we are not talking about the specific things God wants us to do in our lives like our jobs, who we marry (or what gender they are), or where we live. That’s not how it works.

God Needs No Glasses By: Lori Heine Those who claim to care about the will of God can be taken seriously only when they include us.

Whose Will? By: Rev. Suzie Chamness When we follow our God on the path of faith that is set for us, we are doing God’s will. If we are trying to live for others and to meet their expectations, we will fall short of their goals for us and most certainly not be following what God has planned for us.

Just Go With It By: John H. Campbell While I cannot pinpoint any absolute definition of God’s Will to a tee, I can affirm with faith that whatever all it may entail, it comes from a place of Unconditional Love, rather than being based in fear, and perhaps that alone is all that is truly important to remember.

The Rainbow People By: Rev. Vera Bourne We are all aware of responsibilities God has placed on our shoulders – responsibilities that can summed up in the words “Love God, and love (show such care for) your neighbour as you love yourself. If we are following this path God has set before us, we are doing God’s will.


Does Your Politician Pass the Religious Test?

By: Bob Minor Americans still seem to want their leaders to convince them that they’re sincerely religious.

The Institutional Church in America

By: Rev. Dr. Jerry S. Maneker Most of the institutional Church does not speak to the needs of people, especially the have-nots in society!

“Doublespeak”: Right-Wing Politics & Theocracy By: Warren J. Blumenfeld How “free” are we all when lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people are denied their basic human and civil rights, and when they are vilified and scapegoated?

The Skyrocketing Violence Against Same-gender-loving People of Color By: Terry Angel Mason In my new book, Love Won’t Let Me Be Silent, I call out the tremendously negative influence that hip-hop has had on the nation in regard to the LGBT community.

Gendered With Purpose By: Simyona Deanova It is never God who makes us feel bad about our genders, it is other people, often within our own faith communities.

From the Pulpit:

Whee! We! Wee! All the Way Home: Generosity By: Rev. Candace Chellew How would it change the way you live if you poured yourself out for the hungry?

Whee! We! Wee! All the Way Home: Delight By: Rev. Candace Chellew How would it change the way you lived if you believed life was a gift to be enjoyed – to be delighted in – every moment of the day?

Whee! We! Wee! All the Way Home: Forgetting and Remembering By: Rev. Candace Chellew Remembering and forgetting – forgetting and remembering – a life in balance contains both – remembering ecstasies and despairs, remembering joy and sadness, remembering triumphs and defeats.

Holy Humor:

God Takes a Holiday

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