Volume 18, Issue 1: Fundamentalism

Cover Stories

The Five Fundamentals of Welcoming LGBT People of Faith Rev. Candace Chellew LGBT people must be educated church consumers. We can’t walk into any random church and expect to be welcomed.

Thoroughly Modern Millies Lori Heine People attracted to fundamentalism tend to be vain, narcissistic, self-indulgent and self-absorbed. It’s all about themselves. In this, they are modern to their hollow core.

De-Escalating the Cycle of Fear Kenetha J. Stanton As we are able to see fundamentalists through a lens of compassion, we can sympathize with their fear, even as we continue to work toward full equality and justice for all of us. We can recognize that their rejection of us is their attempt to be faithful in the only way they know how, even as we reject that understanding of God as accurate.

My Neighbor John H. Campbell The real challenge comes when we must find the strength to acknowledge that “My Neighbor” means everyone, even those who might persecute us and return hate with love, unkindness with forgiveness, judgment with non-judgment. Jesus never said it would be easy.

Jesus, My Eye Doctor Simyona Deanova How quickly my own prejudice turns me into the very people I despise. In such cases, I’m not sure that I’m any better a representative of my Savior than the dreaded fundamentalists are. How can I amend this situation?


Waking Up in Memphis Brent Walsh The apology that comes from Exodus International is indeed a step in the right direction, although I am hesitant to pop the cork on the champagne bottle quite yet.

Revolution v. Reform: Moving beyond the Assimilationist “4 Ms” of the LGB Movement Warren J. Blumenfeld When we consider the phrase, “Keep your eyes on the prize,” I now wonder what we consider precisely as the prizes, the goals, that we are working toward?

Pride Bob Minor Out and proud LGBT people open up all people to be able to come out of their closets as full human beings. And that scares the status quo.

Soulforce Commends Closing of “Ex-Gay” Ministry Exodus International Soulforce Rev. Dr. Love said the closing of Exodus was, “A good start. And not nearly enough.”

Evangelical Ministry to Gays and Lesbians Admits It Caused Harm Martin E. Marty Rest assured: more will be said.

A Brief Response to the Negative Comments About Gays in the Church Rev. Dr. Jerry S. Maneker We show our love for God by fulfilling the commandments that Jesus prescribed: love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength; love our neighbor as ourselves. And LGBT people are our neighbors!

From the Pulpit

Via Negativa: The Hunger Games / Hunger for Love Rev. Candace Chellew We forget that we sit in the midst of unconditional love that the Holy offers us in each moment.

Via Negativa: The Hunger Games / Hunger for Faith Rev. Candace Chellew Faith is how the Holy invites us into the mystery. It is our role, our part in the dance of life and creation, to experiment with our faith and experience the Holy new and different ways.

Via Negativa: The Hunger Games / Hunger for Happiness Rev. Candace Chellew How often are we “lonely and afflicted,” telling ourselves over and over again how much the world hates us or will put us to shame if they knew just how broken and awful we really are?

Via Negativa: The Hunger Games / Hunger for Transformation Rev. Candace Chellew …our deepest hunger is for this kind of transformation – to come out of our selfish, self-absorbed place into a world where we can be aware that the Holy calls us to be our best self – that transformed self that speaks the truth in love, not in anger.

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