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Links updated September 6, 2003. As always, if you find any dead links here, please send me e-mail! Also, if you want to suggest a site to be listed here, send me mail, but understand that sometimes it takes time for links to be added! --Candace

Welcoming Churches

[Note: This is not a complete list of welcoming churches. For a bigger database of churches around the country, check out this great list of GLBT Faith Communities]

Calvary Open Door Worship Center - Bellflower, California

Casa de Cristo Evangelical Church -- Phoenix, Arizona

Cathedral of Hope MCC in Dallas, Texas

Christ Chapel of the Valley -- North Hollywood, California

Christ Covenant MCC -- Atlanta, Georgia

Christ United Methodist Church -- Northampton, Massachusetts

The Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist -- A welcoming church in San Francisco, California

First United Lutheran Church in San Francisco, CA

Gentle Spirit Community Church -- a welcoming church in Atlanta, GA, whose focus is to bring the word of God and Jesus the Christ to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people.

God's Holy Territory - Portland, Oregon

Good Hope MCC - Cape Town, South Africa

He Is Ministries Worship Center -- Knoxville, TN

Holy Spirit Fellowship in Long Beach, California

Holy Trinity Community Church in Memphis, Tennessee

Holy Trinity Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church -- Minneapolis, MN

MCC Boston in Boston, Massachusetts

MCC Columbia -- Columbia, South Carolina

MCC Pittsburgh -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

MCC Richmond -- Richmond, Virginia

MCC Richmond -- Parish extension in Fredericksburg, Virginia

MCC of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Mt. Hollywood Congregational Church in Hollywood, California

New Beginnings -- a Christian church for all people, in Richmond, Virginia

New Life MCC -- Charlotte, NC

Oasis -- Gay and lesbian ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of California

Ojai United Methodist Church -- in Ojai, California

Open and Affirming Congregations in Washington State

Open Door Community Church -- Little Rock, Arkansas

Open Door Community Church -- Denver, Colorado

Orchard Park United Methodist Church -- A welcoming church in Western New York

Ormewood Park Presbyterian -- A More Light church in Atlanta, Georgia

Reconciling Pentecostal Assembly -- Scottsdale, Arizona

Renaissance Christian Church -- Vancouver, BC

Potter's House Fellowship -- Tampa, Fl

St. Clare's Anglican Chapel -- Serving Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale and surrounding areas of Northwest Arkansas

St. Francis Lutheran Church -- A welcoming church in San Francisco, CA

St. Mark United Methodist Church -- A welcoming congregation in Atlanta, Georgia

Seekers Church -- A welcoming community in Washington, DC

Tabernacle United Church -- A PCUSA and United Church of Christ union church in Philadelphia

Turning Point Assembly -- a GLBT affirming Pentecostal Church in Columbus, Ohio

Turning Point Church -- Indianapolis, Indiana

Unity Fellowship Church -- Charlotte, North Carolina

Universal Life Church -- Universal Life Church Congregation 60641 is a Welcoming and Affirming Web-based church.

The University Baptist Church in Austin, Texas.

Virginia-Highland Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA

Walnut Creek United Methodist Church in Walnut Creek, California [near San Francisco]. They also host MCC of the New Vision.

Well-Spring Chapel Marysville, Washington

White Rock Community Church -- A welcoming evangelical Christian Church based in Dallas, Texas. They even have sermons in RealAudio for you to enjoy!

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Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons

Affirmation: United Methodists for GLB Concerns

Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Anglicans -- An international alliance of lesbian and gay organizations and ministries in the Anglican Communion

The Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists -- Affiliated with the American Baptists this organization is doing great work around the country opening church doors for gays and lesbians.

Brethren/Mennonite Council for LBGT Interests -- BMC supports all people as they seek to know God's will for their lives, including those open to same-sex relationships, those seeking a life of celibacy, and those exploring questions of sexual orientation.

Dignity -- Dignity/USA is an organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Catholics and their friends in over 80 chapters across the United States.

Friends For Lesbian and Gay Concerns -- A community of people of diverse sexual orientations and genders who believe that our spirituality and sexuality are not only reconciled, but divinely intertwined.

Integrity -- For LGBT Episcopalians

Lutherans Concerned-North America

Metropolitan Community Church

More Light Presbyterians -- We are individual members and congregations of the Presbyterian Church (USA) who are faithful to God's call and believe that God continues to open new understandings of scripture and the Word in the life of Christ. As a Christian community, we believe that the church must seek to live out those understandings in our life together.

Presbyterian Parents of Gays & Lesbians

Q-Light -- GLBT Quakers

Rainbow Baptists -- American Baptists Concerned for Sexual Minorities and Honesty -- Southern Baptists support and advocacy group.

That All May Freely Serve -- A group of dedicated Christians, working within the boundaries of existing Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) policy, striving to open barriers that will permit gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people to serve openly as clergy and elders within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) through education and dialog.

United Church of Christ

United Methodist Church's Reconciling Congregations Program

Unitarian Universalist Association

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Apostolic Intercessory Ministry -- A Pentecostal organization interceding on behalf of the gay and lesbian community.

Evangelicals Concerned With Reconciliation -- ECWR is a nationwide ministry of Christ-centered, Bible-believing, evangelical gay and lesbian Christians. ECWR is not a church, but a network of groups of friends whose primary purpose is to provide reconciliation, integration and opportunities for Christian growth for Christian lesbian and gays. We are both pro-Christian and pro-gay.

Heartstrong, Inc. -- The only outreach in the world to GLBT students of conservative religious educational institutions.

Homosexuelle und Kirche (Homosexuals and Church) -- A German Ecumenical group (both Protestants and Catholics) of gay and lesbian Christians and their friends, with regional groups in about 25 cities. Most information is in German, but some is in English also.

The Interfaith Alliance

The Interfaith Working Group -- This Philadelphia based organization can help you start and IWG in your neighborhood!

Louie Crew's Anglican Pages

Non Judgmental Christian Ministries

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance -- This excellent page provides accurate information on small religions, and exposes groundless religious hatred. -- Independent GLBT alumni association of Oral Roberts University.

Rainbow Revival

Other Sheep -- A worldwide ecumenical ministry for sexual minorities.

PFLAG Richmond -- Richmond, Virginia

The Shepherd Initiative --Our mission is to educate faith communities in Central Ohio and provide resources and support to churches going through reconciling processes. We are a group of Christians that affirm the integrity and dignity of all people by virtue of their Divine creation.

Shower of Stoles -- The Shower of Stoles is a collection of hundreds of liturgical stoles from gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons from 21 denominations in five countries. Each stole contains the story of a GLBT person who is active in the life and leadership of their faith community in some way

Soul Food Ministry -- Soul Food ministry offers a banquet of spiritual resources for all people with a special love and acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) seekers. We believe all orientations are made in the image of God. Our human diversity is a precious gift from creation days.


We Are Family -- We Are Family is a voice of informed straight and gay people who have chosen to love and support our gay relatives and friends by working to spread truth about homosexuality. Our focus is on young people because they generally feel so desperately alone.

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Meet Other GLBT Christians

The Ark Christian Center
Rev. Ricki Richards & Rev. Susan Kliebenstein maintain this page. It includes prayer requests and a search engine to look up specific Bible verses.

Glenn Baker -- A gay christian recording artist, songwriter and minister

Bi The Way -- resources for bisexuals.

Bisexual Christian Homepage


Cool Pages for Queer Teens

Gay Christian Online

Gay Teen Christians

Justin's World

Ken & Jim's Place -- This sight is dedicated to all those that are struggling with who they are. We hope that you find some help, some encouragement and love. We have been on a most fantastic journey and now we wish to share it with others.

Mike's Homopage
Check out his "You May Be Going To Hell If" page. Some Christian Coalition Folks are in BIG trouble.

Marsha Stevens -- This fantastic Christian lesbian singer now has a web presence. Be sure and see here when she comes to your area! You'll be blessed!

Time Out Youth -- Charlotte, North Carolina

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Chats & E-mail Lists

BGLAD online -- includes chats -- includes links to mailing lists for bisexuals

Grace Online -- an affirming Christian community welcoming all to partake in the freely-given grace of Jesus Christ.

Planet Out Chats -- includes religion chat rooms

Still In His Loving Arms -- Yahoo club for GLB Christians

Yahoo Groups -- features more than 60 email lists concerning GLBT Christians

Yahoo Groups Youth Lists

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TG/TS Christians

Grace and Lace Letter International -- An Evangelical Christian Newsletter For Crossdressers, Transgendered and Transsexuals

Ormewood Park Counseling Center -- a place where you can find professional and understanding help with your transgender issues.

TransFaith online

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Ex-Gay Resources

Ex-Gay Nomad -- We at Ex-Gay Nomads have found after many years of needless wandering that God never banished us to the wilderness for being gay or lesbian. He loves and accepts us just as we are ...

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Dialogue/Questions and Answers

A Letter to Louise: A Biblical Affirmation of Homosexuality
An incredibly thorough site written by Bruce Lowe, a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas (1936) and of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas (1946).

And He Called -- An exegesis of the Levitical passages against homosexuality.

Bible Abuse Recovery -- For gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people who have been hurt and abused by those using distorted and manipulative views of the Bible to condemn, humiliate, and invalidate them

Bridges Across The Divide
This website and email lists provide models and resources for building respectful relationships across the divide in the homosexuality issue. The group is composed of heterosexual, gay and ex-gay people -- Christian and non-Christian -- some of whom oppose homosexual sin and some of whom support gay rights. All believe that a culture war over the difficult subject of homosexuality is counterproductive, and that it is possible for people to disagree over this subject and still maintain close relationships among each other.

Gay and Lesbian Catholicism

God's Love - Our Witness -- We believe that our site is nearly unique in that it addresses conservative Christian concerns but avoids coming down on either side of the homosexuality debate. It does not promote change but is respectful of those who seek it, and it offers support lists both for celibate GLBT and for those who see a monogamous union as the best way of reconciling their faith and their sexuality.

Homosexuality and Catholicism: A Partially Annotated Bibliography

Homosexuality and Christianity -- A good reference page for exegesis on passages used to condemn homosexuality.

Recovery From Bible Abuse -- Rev. Rembert Truluck tackles the Bible verses used to condemn gays and lesbians.

Spiritual Fruits - Christian and Gay -- This page was written to answer this question through testimony, providing information, and inviting you to ask the Holy Spirit, not people, for the answer. It is here to provide resources for anyone struggling with this issue: gay, biaffectionate, straight, or unsure.

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Same Sex Marriage Resources

Equal Marriage for Same Sex Couples -- An excellent resource for Canadians and others around the world.

Partners Task Force for Gay and Lesbian Couples- Because our relationships need some support!

Task Force for Same Sex Marriage- Fighting for your right to walk down the aisle.

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Miscellaneous Links Of Interest

Baptist Watch -- keeping an eye on the zealots.

Beloved Disciple Press --publishes works for gay and lesbian Christians with an emphasis on spirituality and activism.

Chi Rho Press

Christ Evangelical Bible Institute -- Christ Evangelical Bible Institute, or CEBI (formerly known as Phoenix Evangelical Bible Institute), is a full time training school for Christian gays and lesbians.

Empowering Diversity

Gays: No Easy Answers; A Christian Response
This is a great site. American Baptist preacher Rev. C. David Hess has reprinted the text of his sermon Gays: No Easy Answers; A Christian Response. It's an honest and touching dissertation on the struggle many mainstream churches are facing. It's nice to see his church, First Baptist Church, Hamilton, NY is on the right track.
Excellent source of gay and lesbian books for Christians. Includes selections from John Boswell to position papers from the Methodists and Lutherans.
Very good source for many religious faiths from Catholics to Zen Buddhism.

Independent Gay Forum -- created by a group of gay writers, academics, attorneys, and activists who feel dissatisfied with the current level of discussion of gay-related issues. Includes several articles on religion.

LBGT Aging Projecft -- The LGBT Aging Project of Massachusetts offers a framework for lgbt seniors and their friends and family who want to speak out for themselves.

The Other Side -- a lively, bimonthly, ecumenical magazine. Since 1965, we've been advancing a healing Christian vision -- a vision grounded in the redeeming ways of God.

Religious Resources on the Net -- A comprehensive, searchable database of religious and Christian web sites on the Internet. Visitors to the web site can browse through over 100 topics or use their search engine to generate a listing of religious resources containing selected words or phrases.

Reluctant Journey -- George S E Hopper writes about one evangelical's pilgrimage of faith.

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Fun Stuff

The Door -- The world's pretty much only religious satire magazine.

Mrs. Betty Bowers is a Better Christian Than You -- Wickedly on target "ex-gay" ministry parody called Christians Are Saving Homosexuals or "CASH"!

Post Fundamentalist Press -- PostFun fights to protect the rights of the "un-born again." Safely stow away your sacred cows and take that pious chip off your shoulder before venturing into Poppy Dixon's Home of Adult Christianity.

Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua -- A sacred place in cyberspace named in honor of a little old dog with cataracts, who barked sideways at strangers, because he couldn't see where they were. We humans relate to God in the same way, making noise in God's general direction, and expecting a reward for doing so.

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