Issue Index 1996-2014

As a website that was founded as a print magazine and then became a webzine, Whosoever published its content in the form of structured issues for the first 18 years of its existence. This is an index of those issues. For content not represented here, you may be able to find what you’re looking for by using the Search box in the upper right corner of this page or any page of the site — just look for the magnifying glass icon.

Volume 19Issue 1August2014Read This Issue
Volume 19Issue 2September2014Read This Issue
Volume 19Issue 3October2014Read This Issue
Volume 19Issue 4November2014Read This Issue
Volume 18Issue 1July/August2013Fundamentalism
Volume 18Issue 2September/October2013Justice
Volume 18Issue 3November/December2013Waiting
Volume 18Issue 4January2014Read This Issue
Volume 18Issue 5March2014Read This Issue
Volume 17Issue 1July/August2012One New Humanity
Volume 17Issue 2September/October2012Watching Our Tongues
Volume 17Issue 3November/December2012Everyday Miracles
Volume 17Issue 4January/February2013Arise! Shine!
Volume 17Issue 5March/April2013Being God's People
Volume 17Issue 6May/June2013Misfits Among Misfits
Volume 16Issue 1July/August2011Trust
Volume 16Issue 2September/October2011God's Will
Volume 16Issue 3November/December2011Keep Awake!
Volume 16Issue 4January/February2012Starting Over
Volume 16Issue 5March/April2012Letting Go
Volume 16Issue 6May/June2012Come, Holy Spirit
Volume 15Issue 1July/August2010Where Is Your God?
Volume 15Issue 2September/October2010Growing in God
Volume 15Issue 3November/December2010Thanks and Giving
Volume 15Issue 4January/February2011Where Is the Light?
Volume 15Issue 5March/April2011You Are My God
Volume 15Issue 6May/June2011Boldness Before God
Volume 14Issue 1July/August2009Have You Still No Faith?
Volume 14Issue 2September/October2009Taming Our Tongues
Volume 14Issue 3November/December2009Giving Our All
Volume 14Issue 4January/February2010Testifying to the Light
Volume 14Issue 5March/April2010Original Blessing
Volume 14Issue 6May/June2010Do Not Worry About Tomorrow
Volume 13Issue 1July/August2008Freedom
Volume 13Issue 2September/October2008Anxiety
Volume 13Issue 3November/December2008Create in Me a Clean Heart
Volume 13Issue 4January/February2009Show Me Your Ways, O Lord
Volume 13Issue 5March/April2009He Is Risen!
Volume 13Issue 6May/June2009Live Peaceably with All
Volume 12Issue 1July/August2007Read This Issue
Volume 12Issue 2September/October2007We Come Bearing Gifts
Volume 12Issue 3November/December2007Joy
Volume 12Issue 4January/February2008God Restores My Soul
Volume 12Issue 5March/April2008Peace, Be Still
Volume 12Issue 6May/June2008This Little Light of Mine
Volume 11Issue 1July/August2006A Ministry of Harvest
Volume 11Issue 2September/October2006The Best of Whosoever
Volume 11Issue 3November/December2006A Community of Harvest
Volume 11Issue 5March/April2007Read This Issue
Volume 11Issue 6May/June2007Read This Issue
Volume 10Issue 1July/August2005Gracious Christianity
Volume 10Issue 2September/October2005The Good Book
Volume 10Issue 3November/December2005God
Volume 10Issue 4January/February2006Giving of the Harvest
Volume 10Issue 5March/April2006A Vision of Harvest
Volume 10Issue 6May/June2006Asking and Receiving the Harvest
Volume 9Issue 1July/August2004Who Is My Neighbor?
Volume 9Issue 2September/October2004Revealing Our Glory
Volume 9Issue 3November/December2004Everyday Spirituality
Volume 9Issue 4January/February2005Transformation
Volume 9Issue 5March/April2005Spirituality of Music
Volume 9Issue 6May/June2005God and Politics
Volume 8Issue 1July/August2003Peace
Volume 8Issue 2September/October2003Sin
Volume 8Issue 3November/December2003Holy Humor
Volume 8Issue 4January/February2004Same-Gender Marriage
Volume 8Issue 5March/April2004Reclaiming Our Spiritual Center
Volume 8Issue 6May/June2004Embracing the Mystery
Volume 7Issue 1July/August2002The Beloved Community
Volume 7Issue 2September/October2002Cultivating Compassion
Volume 7Issue 3November/December2002Living in Gratitude
Volume 7Issue 4January/February2003Bringing Heart and Mind into Harmony
Volume 7Issue 5March/April2003Being Present
Volume 7Issue 6May/June2003God, Humans and Animals
Volume 6Issue 1July/August2001Living as a Whosoever
Volume 6Issue 2September/October2001Blessing Our Persecutors
Volume 6Issue 3November/December2001What Does It Mean To Believe?
Volume 6Issue 4January/February2002Who Do You Say That I Am?
Volume 6Issue 5March/April2002The Empty Tomb: What Does the Resurrection Mean?
Volume 6Issue 6May/June2002Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin
Volume 5Issue 1July/August2000Grace
Volume 5Issue 2September/October2000Loving Our Enemies
Volume 5Issue 3November/December2000Overcoming Our Anger at God
Volume 5Issue 4January/February2001Letting Go of Our Fear
Volume 5Issue 5March/April2001God at the Center of Our Lives
Volume 5Issue 6May/June2001Standing Firm
Volume 4Issue 1July/August1999Forgiveness
Volume 4Issue 2September/October1999Telling Our Stories of Faith
Volume 4Issue 3November/December1999Renewing Our Strength
Volume 4Issue 4January/February2000Faith for the New Millennium
Volume 4Issue 5March/April2000The Silence of God
Volume 4Issue 6May/June2000Suffering
Volume 3Issue 1July/August1998Becoming a New Creation in Christ
Volume 3Issue 2September/October1998Books That Bless
Volume 3Issue 3November/December1998The Power of Prayer
Volume 3Issue 4January/February1999Hope
Volume 3Issue 5March/April1999Faith
Volume 3Issue 6May/June1999Love
Volume 2Issue 1July/August1997Morality
Volume 2Issue 2September/October1997Transpirituality
Volume 2Issue 3November/December1997Let Us Give Thanks and Praise
Volume 2Issue 4January/February1998Spiritual Self-Defense
Volume 2Issue 5March/April1998Coming Out as Christians
Volume 2Issue 6May/June1998Surviving a Spiritual Crisis
Volume 1Issue 1July/August1996Same-Sex Marriage
Volume 1Issue 2September/October1996Gay and Christian
Volume 1Issue 3November/December1996Queering the Congregation
Volume 1Issue 4January/February1997Ex-Gays
Volume 1Issue 5March/April1997Homospirituality: A Queer Kind of Faith
Volume 1Issue 6May/June1997God With Us