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Similar cubes with RULES inscription on windowsill in building

Is Religion the HOA of Spirituality?

Picture this: It’s the year 1077 in Canossa, Italy. A German king stands outside a papal castle barefooted and dressed in beggar’s clothing for three days, begging the Pope for an audience so he can be restored to his kingdom and re-admitted into the Church.

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Gospel Music in the Key of Queer

Every Black History Month, there is always a tribute to the Black church and its gospel music. The contribution of LGBTQ+ singers to the canon of gospel music, however, is never front and center in celebration of its history. Every churchgoer — straight and gay

Pope Francis

When the DignityUSA Leader Met With Pope Francis

For three weeks in October, Catholics from around the world came to Rome for the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops to discuss a range of topics confronting the present-day Church as it prepares to govern itself in the future. Among the many Catholics

Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ Community of Transwomen

It’s a rare opportunity to meet the pope. It’s even rarer if you’re a transgender Catholic. However, on November 19, in Torvaianica, Italy, a community of transwomen, many whom are sex workers, were welcomed and seated in a vast auditorium with over a thousand other

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Why Affirming Is the Only Way Forward For the Modern Church

LGBTQ welcoming, accepting, affirming. What’s the difference? People often ask me what the difference is between welcoming, accepting and affirming churches. This little infograph will give you some idea. Some churches refuse to go on the journey. Some began the journey, then got stuck, afraid