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Gay and lesbian students kiss in front of a group of anti-homosexual protestors.

Jesus’ Memo to the Haters: Worry About Yourselves

Ever year about this time, when Lent starts and Christians begin a journey of spiritual reflection on their relationship with God, it seems like there’s just something that adds even more fuel to the homo- and transphobic fire of the evangelical Christian right’s vision quest

Little girl running through a grassy field in a sleeveless dress

Taking Delight in My Neighbor

The first weekend of January 2024 was interesting, in a microcosm sort of way. There were two different but strangely related situations. I’ll start with the second one first because it’s shorter due to it not being a story I want to tell publicly in

Woman covering her face with red apple

What’s So Original About Sin?

We are originally blessed with light and joy and peace I was taught, from infancy, that I was born with something called “original sin.” Even as a tiny baby there was a stain on me, passed down from Adam and Eve in the garden after

Rainbow colors and heart on palm of hand

Coming Out As, And For, Love

I was 16 when I finally came across the word that described a part of my identity. That word was in an article in Rolling Stone magazine. I stood in front of the mirror and tried the word on for size … lesbian … lezz-be-annn.

Person Wearing White High-top Lace-up Sneakers Standing on White Line

One Toke Over the Line, Sweet Jesus

A reflection on Lesson 66 from A Course in Miracles: My happiness and my function are one As a Southern Baptist kid, I was raised with a very stern picture of who God was supposed to be, what He (and it was always a He)

Person wearing Love Your Neighbour cap

Loving Others As Ourselves: An LGBTQ+ Spiritual Formation

It starts with something called ‘human flourishing’ Every morning, we wake up with an incredible opportunity before us. Whatever else the day holds, we know we will have the chance to choose love over hatred, kindness over cruelty, generosity over selfishness and greed, hospitality and

White and multicolored Love is Love banner

An End to Decency?

The ego strikes back I’m going to be honest, as a lesbian woman, I didn’t feel much like celebrating the Fourth of July this year. Supreme Court decisions ending affirmative action, codifying discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in public services, the rise in anti-transgender (and LGB)