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Lucas Wilson, Toronto, Ontario, March 7, 2021

I Was Tormented at Liberty University, Now I’m Suing

Read the rest of the series I read with great interest that Liberty University filed a suit against its former president, Jerry Falwell, Jr. Liberty says that he damaged its reputation after last year’s revelations of “a years-long sexual relationship involving Falwell; his wife, Becki;

Heart drawn in the sand

In My Blood: Born This Way and Worthy of Love

I was lying around in the quiet of my home when the final wisps of summer were brewing in the sunlight, beckoning me to play. I had just got home from the first day of my senior year of high school and I felt no

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Oral Roberts University Alumni Come Out of the Closet

Oral Roberts University’s GLBT alums If ever one needed proof that GLBT people are everywhere, in every institution, office, school, business or otherwise, the GLBT alumni group ORU-OUT proves the theory conclusively. Formed as a support group for alumni of Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Oral Roberts University, ORU-OUT

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Spiritual Resources

Recently I received e-mail from a 14-year-old lesbian who is struggling with rejection from her parents and her fundamentalist church. Where do GLBT teenagers turn for spiritual help when their own parents and churches turn against them? Where do you turn for spiritual resources that

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Young, Gay and Christian

Greetings, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Being young, gay, and Christian doesn’t seem to be a reality for some people. But I’m living proof! It isn’t the easiest thing to be. I thought being a Christian is hard. Try being “Young, Gay