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Dog food in bowl

Feeling Like the Dog’s Breakfast? Try This

Or, what to do when you drop the dog food I dropped nearly a whole bowl of dog food onto the floor this morning. It was a spiritual epiphany. The breakfast for my 9-year-old German Shepherd, The Lord (because “The Lord is my shepherd”), must

Cemetery grave

Why You Don’t Need To Be Dead To ‘Rest in Peace’

“You can rest in peace only because you are awake.” Back many years ago when I was teaching a comparative religion class at a South Carolina technical college, the final assignment was a much-dreaded group project where students had to invent their own religion. They

Happy diverse people holding hands in the park

Abundant Life: A Kin-dom Ethic of Flourishing

Part of an occasional series celebrating Whosoever’s Silver Jubilee. I believe God is that essence in us that reaches out to another, committed to their well-being, their enlightenment, their moral, emotional, relational, and spiritual growth. (Phillip Gulley, Unlearning God, 2018, pp. 193-194) Much has changed

Pride celebration

The Community of God Is Like a Pride Parade

Why write a Pride hymn? My answer begins with a parable and some commentary. And he spoke to them and said, “What is the Community of God like? It is like a Pride parade filled with a great diversity of people, decked out in rainbows