I Can Only Imagine What Jesus Would Say About Us Today

Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ. (Galatians 1:10 NIV)

I can only imagine a world filled with people seeking truth instead of personal gain. Would a servant of Christ discard the rights of others for personal gain? How much would the course of history have been changed if say, Hitler were a true servant of Christ?

I can only imagine a world where people are judged by the content of their character and not granted privilege due to the color of their skin. Where true servants of Christ understand that “all” means all, not just the privileged few. A world where the sound of children laughing erases the barriers placed by “social graces.”

I can only imagine a world where prejudice based on fear and ignorance is defeated with common sense and Christ-like love. A world that embraces diversity and reminds the powerful that we are all servants of Christ.

The playing field at the foot of the cross is level. No one gets special seating at the great banquet table of life.

I can only imagine when on judgment day Jesus comes to claim His own — and the astonished look on Jerry Falwell’s face when Jesus calls my name as one of the chosen. On that day the segregation will be based on whose you are, not who you are. On that day the faithful servants of Christ will be recognized.

I can only imagine what Jesus would do when He walks this earth to see what we’ve done with our opportunity for redemption. Would He need to cleanse the temples of false doctrine because the servants of Christ have convoluted His word to match their own selfish needs?

Would Christ have to remind this world filled with weak-minded privileged people of what it means to be truly blessed? Those who are poor in Spirit do not seek gain at the expense of disrespecting or disregarding the needs of others.

I can only imagine a world where assumptions no longer rule the day. Where it’s assumed that because I’m black I can’t sing “Ave Maria” as it was written. Where it’s assumed that every black man over six feet tall must “be like Mike” and play basketball.

I can only imagine the pain caused in the heart of Christ as He watches the privileged few abuse the multitude of the many that hunger and thirst after righteousness and justice. Will He show mercy for those who cast aside their calling as a servant of Christ just so they could be in positions of human power?

The question is: What would Jesus say about the status of privileged white people in today’s society?  I can’t speak for Him. Yet, based on His teachings and His word I can only imagine what His actions would be. On that last day, will the chastening rod of God be released as Christ walks the highways of life seeking out the privileged to remind them of what it means to be a servant of Christ, to be Christian?

I know the words of encouragement He whispers in my ears when I struggle beneath the oppression of the privileged. I know the blessings poured out on me when I release my frustration for the wrongs I see being done by the few against the many. I can grasp the power given to me by God to fix those wrongs and empower the many as we stand courageous against the tyranny of the privileged.

One day, all the bombs will stop and there will be no wars to fight. Someday we won’t need amendments to define what “all” looks like. Someday in our not-too-distant future, Christ will call us to stand together as one as we live in harmony proving what it means to be true servants of Christ. I can only imagine.