Volume 1, Issue 6

God With Us

Evidence of God’s Work in the Lives of Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals

Cover Stories

A Strange Anger
By Jill Bateman
God is still teaching, and leading, and working miracles in the life of this lesbian who loves Jesus, and whom Jesus loves.

Rescuing Sex From Fundamentalism
By Jenne Blade
I treasure my spirituality — a unique set of principals learned from many people, experiences, and religions, and do not see any conflict between radical sexuality and my devout spirituality.


Could the Religious Right Be Right?
By Candace Chellew
No one has the keys to heaven but God. No one swings wide the doors of the church but God. We all think we’ve found the key.

Deliverance Through an Ex-Gay Ministry
By Elizabeth Storbo
A straight woman shares her transformation from “healing” gays of their homosexuality to healing the gay and lesbian relationship with God.

The Universal Homospirituality
By Kate August
In all cultures and species, homosexuals are found, obviously created by God in the image of God, but God is genderless.

Coming Out to God: The Path of Homospirituality
By Carol Stabel
The core of homospirituality is perhaps a lifelong seeking, a process of internalizing a major Divinely Inspired concept — that of loving others as I love myself.


The Gospel Girls: Praising God in a Gay Bar
By Candace Chellew
For 10 years The Gospel Girls have been spreading the Good News in the most unlikely places … gay bars!

Facing One’s Own Anti-Gay Bias
By Betty Winston Baye
Like racists, I comforted myself as not really being homophobic because I did and do have gay friends.

Mosbacher’s Response: All God’s Children
By Gip Plaster
Dr. Dee Mosbacher thinks African-American churches should know the truth about gay and lesbian people, and she is providing it in a new documentary.

Praise and Worship

On Being Gay and Christian: A Litany of Affirmation
By Gregory Gadow

From The Pulpit

Overcoming Oppressive Theology
By Rev. Yvette Flunder
Each denomination feels they have the revelation and therefore if “I am right you must be wrong.” Turf wars abound for ownership of the real word of God.

Scattered People
By Reverend Theresa Herman
In God’s own words, God becomes a shepherd who will gather the lost sheep and bring them all together again. No matter where they have been scattered, God will search and find them. No one will be left behind.

Holy Humor

The Number of the Beast

Are You Going to Hell?