Volume 17, Issue 4

Arise! Shine!

Cover Stories

C’mon, Baby, Light My Fire
By Rev. Candace Chellew
Our light is not designed to be muted, denied or changed. Instead, our light is meant to arise and shine.

By Lori Heine
When we suffer from that common human malady, Like-Me-Itis, we tend to be driven to behavior that isn’t good for us.

Be Amazing
By Simyona Deanova
Bless those who harm you in life, whether the abuse is physical or simply emotional, bless them with the full heart and spirit of God.

Rays of Hope
By John H. Campbell
Each and every one of us who is LGBT and Christian carries our own unique potential to act as a willing vessel for God’s Love, a beacon and a ray of hope shining God’s Light to those in need.


We Haven’t Turned the Corner on Marriage Equality Yet
By Dr. Robert  N. Minor
To continue to move forward we must see marriage equality as a part of a long-term national strategy based upon what we know is the history of these wins.

Our Spiritual Titanic
By Rev. Paul M. Turner
“Saving souls” is not what will save you; rather it’s having a relationship with God that will save you.

Supreme Court Marriage Equality Ruling Needed
By Warren J. Blumenfeld
Though I do not hold out much hope that the current Congress will do the right (correct) thing by passing national legislation, I believe that in the context of a massive grassroots effort, either the next Congress or the Supreme Court will make marriage equality a reality.

The Expanding Kingdom of God
By Kathleen Kopitsky
What we are witnessing at this point in Jesus’ ministry is Jesus being converted to a larger vision of the commonwealth of God.

The Non-End of Homophobia
By Dr. Robert N. Minor
The larger question is: Shouldn’t we all be able to hold each other’s hands?

What Is Meant by Biblical Faith for LGBT and All Others?
By Rev. Dr. Jerry S. Maneker
So many LGBT people have turned their backs on the Bible, on Christianity, and even on God because they have spent too much time listening to, and believing, the ignorant haters who happen to wear clerical collars.

The Religious Right After the Election
By Martin E. Marty
The biggest losers were the Roman Catholic bishops, strongest advocates on sexual issues which did not attract their membership.

From the Pulpit

Dish Soap Theology and the Dover Train
By Rev. Stephen R. Parelli
What is dish soap theology? It is my home-spun way to say re-think God.

Joseph Comes Out
By Gary Simpson
The story of Joseph coming out is a Biblical story to which gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people can relate.

Via Positiva: Cosmic Kindergarten / Watch Your Mouth!
By Rev. Candace Chellew
Whether we’re swearing or uttering a heartfelt prayer, the words we use are extremely powerful.

Via Positiva: Cosmic Kindergarten / Deep Play
By Rev. Candace Chellew
Swing as high as you can on the swing set of life, and then… let go.

Holy Humor

What Pastors Dream About

A Cat’s View of Creation