Volume 11, Issue 5

Feature Stories

Jesus Is Coming, Look Busy
By Rev. Candace Chellew
In my mind, Jesus’ return isn’t something splashy or newsworthy. It doesn’t involve a beast, a seven-headed dragon, people disappearing or vehicles being unmanned – instead it has everything to do with God coming to dwell with humanity – God coming to live in every heart.

The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense
By Lori Heine
It is human nature for people to be more comfortable talking about other people’s morality than their own. And for them to prefer debating the rights of people other than themselves. They have become accustomed to hiding in the shadows and keeping the spotlight on those they wish to keep in line. It’s high time we dragged them, kicking and screaming, into the spotlight with us.

Season of Hope
By John H. Campbell
The fear and negativity surrounding human sexuality and sexual orientation which continues to be perpetuated by a large faction, or majority of Conservative Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christianity (many seem outright obsessed with it over anything that Christ taught about) continues to be hammered over and over as an imperative to be focused on.

Mel White’s Journey Continues
By Dr. Robert N. Minor
The Hidden Dangers of the Christian Right is the subtitle of Mel White’s brand new book, Religion Gone Bad. It’s his latest intimate analysis of the intentions of the extreme right-wing of Christianity that’s been setting the national agenda for over a decade.

Shock and Agape
By Spencer Dew
Banners currently hanging from several Australian churches feature the words “Jesus Loves Osama” against a camouflage background.

A Pastoral Response to the Crisis in the Anglican Communion
By Rev. Elder Nancy L. Wilson
Let us say unequivocally that gay people are not an “issue”; rather, we are real people, God’s children, created in God’s image. We cannot be “compromised” off the table, especially when that table doesn’t belong to us, or to any church, but to the Jesus Christ …

An Encounter With the Church Lady
By Lori Heine
At lunch the other day, I struggled through yet another challenging conversation with my good friend, the Church Lady.

Graduating From the Accelerated ‘Straight 101’ Class
By Dr. Robert N. Minor
Whatever Haggard had learned from this intensive course in being straight, and the twice a week “Christian counseling” he continues to receive, he and his wife plan now to pass it on to others. He told their old congregation in a February email that they plan to take an on-line master’s degree course in psychology “so we can work together serving others the rest of our lives.” The “overseers” had recommended he leave town and do secular work.

From the Pulpit

By Whose Definition?
By Rev. Candace Chellew
When we talk about blessings – our definition is something good. In fact, the Greek word used in Luke means something like, “How fortunate!” or, “Good for you!” Jesus is congratulating the poor, the hungry, the weeping and the outcast. “Good for you,” he says – and we puzzle over such an odd definition of blessing.