Volume 11, Issue 6

Feature Stories:

I Don’t Understand Fundamentalists By: Candace Chellew I wish I did. It would make things a whole lot easier. If I understood them, I’d know how to talk to them, how to convince them that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people of faith have deeply explored both their faith and their sexuality and have arrived at a place where they know God blesses both of them.

Virginia Tech, Don Imus, and America’s Seething Anger By: Bob Minor There’s a seething anger not far below the surface of many people in America today. It’s ready to explode at the least feeling of being slighted.

Flying Under Our Gaydar By: Lori Heine If you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender and you want to go to church, the simple fact is that there are many more to choose from than you might think. Most won’t hang out a rainbow flag, or take out advertisements. We have to learn to detect them. They fly under our gaydar.

What Remains? By: John H. Campbell The question is this: If we suddenly had to view what it is that we know as Christianity differently, if we were to have to rethink our understanding of all of the “untouchable” doctrines and teachings, when we strip away that which cannot be explained with our level of knowledge and accept that the Bible is not always the last word on everything, and is in fact not the last word of God at all … then what remains?

False Consciousness in the Church: My Dialogue with a Homophobic Pastor By: Rev. Dr. Jerry Maneker The following is part of an exchange of emails that I had with a pastor that highlights this false consciousness that reflects the values of most of the ruling class, usually comprised of most of those reactionary forces, both within political society and within the hierarchy of most of the organized Church.

The Effectiveness of Prayer By: Rev. Suzie Chamness When we pray, Jesus can enter our life and relationship with each other and with God in very special ways. And while it is a blessing to us it is a joy to God.

Summer Camp, Only Different By: Candace Chellew Ten Midwestern teenagers have had a truly different camp experience than my own – an experience that has helped them learn to come to grips with themselves – their own outsider status in the world – and in the end find a way to reconcile their spirituality and sexual identities.

Am I the Older Brother? By: Rev. Ray Neal It’s easy for me to accuse those who condemn me for being gay as modern day Pharisees and Sadducees. I could call them names as easily as they seem to want to call me names. But at some point I have to ask myself exactly what is being accomplished by my acting just like them? Nothing.

My Debt of Gratitude to a Welcoming Church and Queer Theologians By: Steve Parelli I used to pastor. I used to bring sermons and Bible studies on a regular, weekly basis. But all that ended suddenly in 1997 when I left the ministry and openly came out as a gay man. Now, nine years later, after applying myself to all the books I could find on homosexuality and the Bible, I was being asked to once again teach.

Ready … Aim … Fire! By: Lori Heine Will Fred Phelps be in Heaven? Why, of course – as long as he understands that at the Lord’s great, big banquet table, he’ll have the seat right between Mel White and Rosie O’Donnell.

Some of My Remarks Regarding Christianity and Same-Sex Love By: Rev. Dr. Jerry Maneker The ferociousness and venom directed at gay people bespeaks an insecurity about one’s own sexuality, as well as the tremendous need for scapegoats to deal with the depression and rage that are the consequences of living in a capitalist society run amok.

New Art Book Shows Gay Jesus and Female Christ Art that shows Jesus as gay or female has been censored, but now these stunning images by 11 artists fill a beautifully illustrated new art book.

Letters to the Editor

From the Pulpit:

Grow Up! One Easy Step to Continual Growth and Inner Peace By: Rev. Candace Chellew When we grow up spiritually, we understand that we already know the answer, because we have the best self-help guru in the world living right here – inside of us. We have God living in our hearts.

The Passion of April Fools By: Gary Simpson While Lent is over, at any time of the year, God will gladly accept an offering where you dump all of your should or must thinking, your attempts to buy what cannot be purchased, your self-hate, and your internalized fears and anger.

Holy Humor:

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