Letters to the Editor


I really enjoyed the article “Season of Hope” by John H. Campbell. It is obvious that Mr. Campbell has a kind and gentle heart, which I think is exactly what God asks of us.

Unfortunately, I know many people who are right-wing conservatives and, even after Ted Haggard, they don’t seem to be budging at all on the same-sex marriage issue. They still spout the same “hate the sin, not the sinner” blubber, and also say things like, “well, even pastors are human and can make mistakes.”

So while I hope, as you do, that people will get some good from this “scandal,” I haven’t seen any evidence of it.

I am a heterosexual married woman but could care less who marries whom (is that correct English?). I don’t see how your being in a committed relationship with two people affects my relationship. I don’t see how two committed, loving, kind gay men living in a committed relationship affects the institution of marriage. What are people so afraid of? Well, I think you addressed that in your article as well.

Anyway, I appreciated the article and will probably look around while I’m on your website. My brother believes his homosexual daughter is going to hell and so I like to educate myself on bible verses and homosexuality. He likes to quote some verse out of Kings.

Thanks again! Linda H.



I’m 18 years old and been a Christian for most of my life. The past few years, though, have been the greatest. I’m in college now, learning who God really is for myself, and it’s been quite a journey. These past few days, however, are the first in which I have EVER been angry at God. I usually find myself drawing under his wing, surprisingly, but not this time. I was feeling pretty rotten about it, because I knew He was right and I was wrong, but I couldn’t seem to let go of it. I couldn’t understand what He was trying to teach me.

Reading the article Go Ahead, Be Angry at God! (by Adam DeBaugh) was very comforting and helpful. I am now (almost) past the struggle with anger, and I’m working with God to find my solution. Thank you SO MUCH for speaking words of comfort and truth.




I just wanted to thank you for giving me an entirely new way to look at the ‘second coming’ (in the article Jesus is Coming, Look Busy, by Candace Chellew)! I have always just looked at the traditional viewpoint that Jesus will come back, the earth will quake, the sky will turn red, etc., not really giving it much credit and just attributing it to a part of the Bible I had no real clear understanding of yet. But I really like the idea that Jesus may be among us as we live and breathe, and has been ever since he died 2000 years ago, in the form of the suffering and possibly other guises.

My mother, who used to be a devout Catholic but who stopped going to church after my sister died at the age of 35 from breast cancer, greatly admires Mother Teresa whom you talked about in the article. Your viewpoint is really an eye opener for me as it sheds a ray of hope on the future for our planet. Thanks again for the article, and God bless you!




This website really helped me convey my true feelings and come to terms with being a homosexual human being. I hope this site remains helpful to other troubled teenagers like myself. Thank you. You’re in my prayers.

Alexa H



The following is a reaction I had to reading the article about the Leper and Bisexuality (The Holy Leper and the Bisexual Christian by Amanda Udis-Kessler). I was deeply moved. I have been on a journey for many years over my bisexuality and faith. I worked as a missionary for many years until I was excommunicated from my fellowship some years ago. It has been a long lonely and oftentimes dark road since then, but I am slowly finding the Lord in the process.




I think your online magazine is simply wonderful. This site has such good information to draw from. I really appreciate the spirit in which it is written. I am a firm believer in responding in pure love to our critics. Jesus said “they shall know you by the fruits that you bear.” I use to get so upset and yes even angry with people who would condemn me for my faith in Jesus Christ as a Gay man. The Lord really begin to deal with me on that subject though. He showed me I could lob and beat my critics with just as much Scripture as they used to condemn me, and both of us would walk away frustrated. He showed me that the Word of God is to be lived and bring Life, not used as a weapon against another human being. Just like I said before it is in the fruit that we bear that others will truly see Jesus in us, not how much of the Word we can throw at them.

I am so blessed to be an Elder in the Glory of Christ Community Gospel Church here in Dayton, Ohio that is a Gay affirming Pentecostal style Church. The Church is pastored by Rev. Samuel Kader, who wrote the book Openly Gay Openly Christian, if you have heard of it? I am so very excited at what God is doing among the Gay and Lesbian communities. We really do live in wonderful times. With all the gay marriage debates and other debates in our society, I don’t see them as hard times, but rather as a opportunity that God has given us to reach out to people. I just would like to thank you once again for the awesome magazine that you and the others work to produce.

God Bless, Lee W.



I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your wonderful website. I’m a seventeen year old girl who is extremely tired of the extremist unaccepting views of some Evangelical churches. Although I myself am straight, I feel compelled to be a person who promotes the belief that everyone is a child of God no matter their sexual orientation.

Again, thank you! Caroline