Volume 2, Issue 5

Coming Out as Christians

Cover Stories

Seven Steps to Reclaiming the Name of “Christian”
By The Rev. Dr. Jim Bilbrey, Ph.D., D.Div.
How do we re-claim the title, “Christian?” In my upstairs office at home, on the wall above my desk, is a quote by the author Larry King (not the radio guy, the other one) that says, “The Best Way To Work Your Way Through The Bad Times Is To Work Your Way Through The Bad Times.” The corollary would be, “The best way to re-claim the title of ‘Christian’ is to reclaim the title of ‘Christian.'”

Feeling Good About Yourself: A Guide to Coming Out
By Dr. Rembert S. Truluck
Gay and Lesbian Christians have a double challenge of coming out. We have to come out as homosexuals and as Christians. How can we have an effective witness for Christ in the gay community if we don’t come out as both gay and as Christian?

Coming Out Without Coming On Too Strong
By Candace Chellew
We must stand up and be counted as those who are “living” our faith as Christians, not merely “professing” our faith as Christians. Our actions must speak louder than our words. Anyone can claim to be a Christian, but it is the true Christian that acts on that faith, showing the world what one can accomplish by truly following Christ and his examples.

Pride, Shame, Humility
By Neil Ellis Orts
What I still have problems with is the word, “pride”. While I will admit to struggling with those vagaries known as self-respect and self-esteem, pride always seemed like a rather large thing to claim just for being.

So, Who’s Coming Out?
By Alden Möller
All people have a closet in which they hide. Coming out as the real ‘me’ is frightening, per se, and all people have to do it.

Coming Out As a Child of God
By Judith Jecman-Fuhrman
If I truly believe that the Lord loves me unconditionally and has forgiven me ALL my sins, why would I still be afraid to “come out?” What could be holding me back?

I Am a Stranger
By David Cole
The most important thing Gays and Lesbians can do for themselves is to develop self love, respect, and come “OUT.” This takes a leap of faith.

Why Do You Stay?
By Michal Anne Pepper
As lesbians and gay men, our greatest gift to the church is the pain and suffering in our community. That pain can help open eyes to injustice, awaken people out of self-righteous complacency and point people beyond “the image formed by the art and imagination of mortals” to God. We are missionaries to our churches.


One Man’s Pilgrimage
By Larry Bandfield
“A pilgrimage? But why?” That was my first incredulous question to my friend of forty years, a question that was motivated by his invitation to join with him and two other men on a two week journey as pilgrims.

Gay Morality — Yes or No?
By Alden Möller
When we accept God into our lives, surely there must be some changes? I believe morality is as individual as the person. What is right for one may be sin to another and thus we must refrain from judgement.


Jesus: Icon or Iconoclast?
By Stephen R. Caldwell
“Historical Jesus” research raises some challenging questions for both Christians and non-Christians who take religious and spiritual matters seriously. How does orthodox creedal Christianity relate to the teachings of Jesus?

Walt Whitman School: Providing Safe Space for Gay and Lesbian Youth
By Gip Plaster
Last September, Walt Whitman Community School in Dallas, the first private school in the country for students dealing with lesbian and gay issues, opened for business.

Three poems from three different contributors.

Let Us Give Thanks and Praise!

Letters to the Editor

Who Is My Neighbor?

Choosing Our Neighbors
By Candace Chellew
In real estate we have the luxury of choosing our neighbors. We can meet them, get to know them and assess whether or not we’ll be able to get along with them in the future. As Christians, we do not have this luxury. Jesus makes it clear that everyone, without exception, is our neighbor.

By Anonymous
We’ve got a whole basketful of reasons to define and limit who our neighbor is, and to determine the kind of response that neighbor deserves. But love, divine love, expands our vision, extends our response, and increases our commitment to Christian living.

From the Pulpit

The Good News and the Eunuch
By Roy A. Donkin
Your Bible doesn’t tell my name… but that is because I could be anyone. I could even be you. And the wonder is that God loves each of us no matter how alone, or invisible we feel.

Fear, Faith, Freedom
By Anonymous
They say storms can come up quite suddenly on the Sea of Galilee, not unlike the suddeness of storms in our lives. The hardest kinds of storms to weather are those that take us by surprise because they catch us with our guard down.

Bible Study and Inspiration

A Defense Theory: An Analysis of Six Critical Texts Used To Condemn Homosexuality
By Royce Buehler
It had been decades since I myself believed that there was anything wrong with homosexuality. On this point, either the Bible was just plain wrong, or I was. Naturally, I thought it was probably the Bible; after all, if I think I’m probably wrong about something, I’m going to change my mind. But I was willing to learn otherwise.

Who’s Cleaning Your House?
By Caroline Mason
The glorious truth of the Gospel is that the very God who requires us to be righteous is the same God that gives us that righteousness as a free gift.

Holy Humor

A Modern Day Parable

Sex Scandal Rocks Heaven

Meeting God