“J U S T A H O M O S E X U A L”

That’s it? The phrase is cute.

A life defined by one impute.

he sings and dances, writes verse and rhyme,

he swims and runs, laughs and plays,

eyes shine bright, as new mowed hay,

Yet all YOU see, is that he’s Gay.

J u s t a H o m o s e x u a l ?

Hold on ! Think before you speak.

My brother’s soul is mild and meek.

he hears the whispers in the trees,

he feels the soft of nature’s floor,

smells the mist – the dawning day,

Your only comment, “HE’S GAY !”

J u s t a H o m o s e x u a l ?

Pity you. The poorest of us three.

A vision blocked. Now fear the free.

he walks the cliffs, that others dread,

he rises past your clubs and knives,

he sees beyond the great brick wall,

Touches clouds, where others fall,

J u s t a H o m o s e x u a l … Oh sure, THAT’S ALL


Accepting My Humanity

By: David G.

I am male

and I am female

I am young

and I am old

I am strong

and I am weak

I laugh and I weep

I am gay

and I am straight

I am happy

and I am sad

I am loved

and I am despised

I know victory and defeat< > I am brave

and I am scared

I am alone

but not forsaken

I am a prisoner

but I am free

because I accept

all of this

my humanity


Lisbons and Lesbians

By: Robert Evans

Lisbons and Lesbians

Dad being an Archie Bunker clone,

said the two women next door

were ‘Lisbons.’ I said the home

just south that is brick, or

the one north that’s made of stucco?

The nice brick home will definitely

decline in value, after they go

in. I said how is it exactly

you know they are from Portugal?

Since you call the couple, ‘Lisbons.’

What’s that got to do at all

with what I said ‘about those twos?

So Dad, our neighbors are LESBIANS —

what’s that got to do with decline

in value of property? The ins

and outs of someone’s sex isn’t mine

to question, I said. So should

I (thinking to myself) start

singing ‘I shall overcome,’ or would

people of color scream you can’t

sing that, ’cause the gay cause ain’t

the same. As if there are no

gay black people famous and out.

One more discrimination to go.

Meanwhile back to our street — Dad

sees the obvious humor of his own

“Bunkerism.” And I weigh how bad

the closet can be — why not be open?