Volume 1, Issue 5

Homospirituality: A Queer Kind of Faith

Homospirituality: A Queer Kind of Faith
By Candace Chellew

The Power of Prayer
By Julianna Jerome

Where Is It Written?
By Carol J. Stabel

By Kate August

Losing God: An Essay on Faith
By Candace Chellew

Book Review: “Rainbow Family Values” by Rev. Michael S. Piazza
By Gip Plaster

Notes From “The Record”
A Publication of Evangelicals Concerned. Including items on Dr. Peter Gomes, Accepting A Gay Son, The Ordination of an Openly Gay Man.

“And Liberty For All” in the South: Denting the Bible Belt
By Patricia Nell Warren

Fighting Pat Robertson and His Rhetoric of Intolerance
By Rev. Mel White

Second Stone: Beating Predictions of Failure

Holy Humor

The Original Sin: Heterosexuality
By Ezekiel Krahlin