Whosoever Has A New Look!

Check out the new Whosoever here. Instead of posting bimontly issues around themes, Whosoever is now posting articles as they are submitted.

We still need your contributions to make Whosoever remain one of the best sources of information for GLBT Christians. Please review our writer's guidelines below and send any article contributions to editor@whosoever.org.


Submission Guidelines:

Articles can be any length, depending on the depth of the issue covered.

Your submission does not have to be related to the central issue theme. We are always interested in receiving:

Or, check out a list of topics our readers say they want to see covered!

All submissions remain property of the author. Posting them here does not mean Whosoever has exclusive use of any material. Since Whosoever does not pay for submissions, we do not own them!

Deadlines are always the last day of the month before a new issue. We post bimonthly.

I run on a Mac platform, which sometimes makes it hard to receive PC documents as attachments. Submissions are easier for me to receive in the body of e-mail messages, so send them that way instead of in an attachment, please!

However, if you really must send an attached file, please send your document in MS Word [not Wordperfect!], and save it as RTF, or rich text format. Thanks!

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