A Gay Male Carol (a Lutitune)

We three queans of Christendom are
bearing gifts we traverse afar,
lay and clergy, collared and mitred,
following yonder star.


Born a quean in ECUSA’s plain,
INTEGRITY I bring to my king;
king for ever, ceasing never,
over us all to reign.

Roman Catholics

Born a quean of holy Rome,
DIGNITY I bring to God’s throne.
Prayers and praising, all souls raising,
worship God and God alone.


Passion’s mine. Its loving perfume
breathes a life of gathering room,
panting, sighing, living, dying,
Creator’s sport and womb.

Glorious now behold God arise,
King and God, and Sacrifice,
heav’n sings Alleluia:
Alleluia the earth replies.


Oh, oh, star of wonder, star of light…….