Around the ‘Net

Here are some stories you may have missed:

– Steve Waldman and BeliefNet sheds light on Rick Warren’s recent equivocations over his stand on same-gender marriage. I hear backpedaling is good exercise – Rick could use some.

– Conservative columnist Jack Elgin – in a long and rambling article – makes the conservative case for same-gender marriage. Read it all if you’ve got the time, but here’s the money shot:

The primary role of government is to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but it itself is a tremendous potential threat to liberty. To use the power of government to enforce a moral code or force someone into a moral life is a violation of conservative principles and erodes the bedrock of liberty. Moral and aesthetic arguments are therefore useless when attempting to preserve the Western tradition of marriage as a social contract between a man and a woman. The last argument, that the contract of marriage serves a vital role in building the family as the basic unit of American society for raising the next generation, fails to demonstrate where non-standard unions are either grossly inadequate to the same task, or harmful to these other unions by their existence.

– Same-sex marriage apparently leads to mass murder. Who knew?

– And, saving the best for last, Mark Morford at the San Francisco Chronicle dissects the TV ad portraying same-gender marriage as the “gathering storm” that will destroy us ALL!!! Fear the rainbow!