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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

What does it truly mean when someone says, “I love the sinner but I hate the sin?” Can you do this without harming the other person? Is this really possible? Is this really Christian living? Is it really Christian loving? Personally I can not think

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Who Do You Say That I Am…

Well, Jesus, who do I say that you are? I think that I’ve got a bit of an idea of who you are by knowing who I am a bit better and through some of the experiences I have had. I think I now know

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What If They Won’t Ordain You?

“What if they won’t ordain you?” “You could leave the Presbyterian Church [USA] . . . that is what people are doing in other churches and that’s leaving a shortage in qualified people for the ministry and that sends a message too.” Both of these

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You Want Me To Do What?

As a young child, I can remember being taught that Jesus said to love your enemies. It seemed easier then to understand, because faith came a bit easier because you hadn’t been in the world for long and the world wasn’t much in you either.