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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

What does it truly mean when someone says, “I love the sinner but I hate the sin?” Can you do this without harming the other person? Is this really possible? Is this really Christian living? Is it really Christian loving? Personally I can not think

Ash Wednesday cross

Emerging From Our Tombs

I sit here tonight after going to what has to be the most amazing Ash Wednesday that I’ve ever been to. The minister told the story of how her grandmother explained to her why we do this whole Ash Wednesday thing. “Let the ashes enter

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Who Do You Say That I Am…

Well, Jesus, who do I say that you are? I think that I’ve got a bit of an idea of who you are by knowing who I am a bit better and through some of the experiences I have had. I think I now know

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What If They Won’t Ordain You?

“What if they won’t ordain you?” “You could leave the Presbyterian Church [USA] . . . that is what people are doing in other churches and that’s leaving a shortage in qualified people for the ministry and that sends a message too.” Both of these

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You Want Me To Do What?

As a young child, I can remember being taught that Jesus said to love your enemies. It seemed easier then to understand, because faith came a bit easier because you hadn’t been in the world for long and the world wasn’t much in you either.