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Healthy Spirituality

Abusive religion cannot produce healthy spirituality. Where Paul used the term “sound doctrine” or “sound words or teachings,” the word “sound” meant “healthy” and Paul was talking about healthy teachings that build healthy spirituality. (See Bible references below.) Extremism, fanaticism, prejudice, ignorance, hypocrisy and a

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Jesus for Dummies

What is the ‘essential Jesus’? What do we know for certain about Jesus that is relevant and truly helpful to everybody today? Do certain basic facts and clear certainties exist about Jesus that can form a basis for realistic objective logical faith? The Sources The

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Jesus Continues to Change the World

Television personalities constantly remind us that September 11 changed our world forever. They say that the world will never be the same after September 11. But what are the changes and what do they mean? What events have most changed our world in our lifetime?

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Life or Death

Soulforce protests and civil disobedience action that I joined in New Orleans in June were not about Southern Baptist doctrine. It was about genocide. It was not about Southern Baptist polity and practices. It was about the life or death choices that multitudes of gay

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Accept Yourself

Many of you who read this magazine have endured long struggles for survival and worked hard to build and maintain your own self-esteem. What has kept you going? What has most motivated you to continue in your purpose for living and not give up? As

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The Joy of Letting Go

When I was a student at Furman University in Greenville, SC, and serving as pastor at Beaverdam Baptist Church, I went through a severe spiritual crisis of doubting that I was “saved.” I had gone to hear a well-known evangelist preach in a revival in

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Freedom From Fear

Excerpted from Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse by Rembert Truluck Read John 6:15-21; 14:27; 20:19-23 Years ago, when I was at home from seminary for a few days, at about 2:00 A.M., I was suddenly startled awake by an ear shattering noise. A huge

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When in Danger, When in Doubt, Blame God

When I reflect on our anger with God, I immediately remembered of how Adam reacted when God confronted him about eating the forbidden fruit that Adam thought would “make him become like God.” God asked Adam, “What have you done?” Adam blamed God and the

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Let Go and Move On

Don’t weary yourself with worry over things you cannot change or the past that you cannot erase. Let go and move on! Bishops, preachers, the Pope, religious leaders and Bible “experts” try to tell other people what to think and do spiritually rather than equip,