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Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

An Unfinished Melody

I can’t believe he’s dead! The news came drifting down the street like whispers in the wind. Then slowly, but surely, it built up into a shriek of discordant notes, painful in its intensity. Only a few days ago I paused to hear him speak.

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Loving and Sinning

Many of us feel very vulnerable when we hear ourselves referred to as sinners by those who contend that living out our sexual orientation is a sin, an abomination before God. Once I used to feel very defensive on this count, but things have changed

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Sharing Our Blessings

I believe that before we can begin to bless our persecutors we really need to understand what they are saying and also exactly what is reported in Scripture of God’s requirements for all people. Basically our persecutors would have us believe that our sexuality is

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A Pearl Without Price

Being a “Whosoever,” in my case a lesbian, has proved to be a blessing greater than one could ever have dreamed of, or hoped for. Learning first of God’s love at age four, only once have I doubted that God loved me, “just as I

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Falling in Love Again

Most of us have fallen in love. Some only once, others, well it’s almost every other week. But for all of us the symptoms are the same, our thoughts and conversations are fixed on just one person and we want to spend our time with

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In Fear and Trembling

I am tired of sanctimonious New Age experts pronouncing that fear is an unnecessary negative reaction to events that may never happen. Stop for a moment with me; hear/touch/feel the emotions of a child lying in bed, knowing that sometime during the night its body

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Who’s To Blame?

It seems that from our very youngest days we have developed the habit of asking “Why?” Our young, inquiring minds need to learn the explanation for everything we see and hear, and even for the absence of some things and people from our lives. As

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal


In April 2000, after ten years of community consultation and debate, the Committee formed and charged with defining the various needs to be addressed handed to the leaders of the Australian nation a document addressing reconciliation. This document, part of which is printed below, detailed