Black Gay & Christian Author Debuts Syndicated TV Talk Show

Herndon L. Davis, author of last year’s controversial book, Black, Gay & Christian, is at it again. Reaching into nearly 16 million households, he is debuting the world’s first black gay/lesbian, TV news/talk show on DirecTV channel 227 and on Comcast Cable TV101 Southern California.

The Herndon Davis Reports, hosted by its creator and namesake, is a one hour long, black gay/lesbian focused, empowerment news program. The nationally syndicated show is a cross between the Chris Matthews Show (MSNBC) and the Oprah Winfrey Show. It aggressively tackles a variety of socioeconomic and political issues impacting the gay/lesbian community but from a distinctly black gay/lesbian affirming perspective.

“From understanding the DL “down low” phenomena, to fighting for gay marriage rights, to the challenges of embracing spirituality, raising children, and coping with depression and homophobia, The Herndon Davis Reports will deeply explore into the vibrant and diverse lives of the entire black gay/lesbian community, past, present and future” he adds.

Herndon Davis is a black and also openly gay author and lecturer. In 2004, he self-published the spiritual empowerment book, Black, Gay & Christian, a book which challenged the status quo of homophobia within the black church as well as its scriptural interpretation of biblical text surrounding homosexuality. The book also provided inspirational and motivational resources and texts for black gays/lesbians in order to jointly embrace and reconcile their homosexuality with their spirituality.